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Off My Mind: Is Superman the USA's #1 Hero?

If the world's in danger, is Superman our only hope?

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Superman and the United States of America still love each other. Just a few weeks ago, many people were shocked when Superman apparently decided to renounce his U.S. citizenship in Action Comics #900. Many news outlets were disappointed that he would make this proclamation when he's always been known for his "Truth, justice and the American way" philosophy.

If you read at the story, you know this was blown out of proportion. Superman wasn't saying goodbye to the United States or making a statement that he no longer believed in what the red, white and blue stands for. He was making a point that his mission is to save the world. If he needs to chase a threat like Doomsday or Brainiac into a country that doesn't have open borders with the United States, they could make the accusation that Superman's presence is an act of war by the U.S.

Two weeks later, whether it was a coincidence or DC did some magic to include a follow up at the end of Superman #711, Superman made it perfectly clear that he still firmly believes in what the American way.

As if that scene wasn't enough to show there were no hard feelings, in last week's Action Comics #901, the President of the United States (clearly depicted as President Obama) pretty much proclaimed Superman was Earth's only savior.

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When Earth was minutes away from total destruction, a call went out to the Justice League of America and other heroes. For some reason, not a single hero could be reached. The President did the only thing he could, he put out the call the Superman, stating "Your country needs you now!"

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Superman is capable of many...super feats but the idea that he is the one and only hero that could save Earth from this particular threat felt like a bit much. Honestly, this feels like a way to show us readers that Superman and the United States have patched things up and they both still love each other.

It's hard to believe that the President wouldn't be able to contact any other superhero. If a giant mass was headed towards Earth and it couldn't simply be destroyed by missiles, what could Superman do? He no longer has the strength or ability to move planet sized objects. He can't use super-breathe to blow it away. A super-punch obviously would have the same disastrous results as missiles. The President should be trying to contact the super-intelligent heroes out there. What about the mystical ones? Couldn't they gather all the magicians to open some magical portal to save the day?

The United States loves Superman and Superman still loves the United States. The message should be clear now. I love the United States as well. It's great seeing some love shown but enough is enough. We get it. I don't think we need to see another mention of Superman being a patriot and so forth. Maybe it's just that the President didn't get word that the United States is no longer Superman's country.

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I just think if the Earth was in danger, they would have some sort of technology to take care of some giant mass heading towards the planet. I like Superman but I don't see him as Earth's only hope. The governments of the world are bound to have different alien technology they've gathered over the years. With all the threats they've had from alien invasions (I brought up before if they know aliens exist or if they are in denial), I'd think they would have some sort of giant canon to deal with any oncoming threats.

Superman does have his hands full fighting the Doomsdays. I wonder if the President will still think highly of him if he fails to stop this threat. Then again, if Superman does fail, the Earth will be destroyed. Guess that means no more Superman loves/hates the U.S. references in the comics.

Is Superman the only one that could save Earth?