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Off My Mind: How Did Scarlet Witch Mess Up "No More Mutants"?

Did she want to get rid of all mutants or did she have something else in mind?

With three little words, Scarlet Witch changed the face of the Marvel Universe. After becoming unstable with her powers, a group of heroes, including Avengers and X-Men decided Scarlet Witch's powers were too dangerous. She was out of control. She caused too much damage and death. When it seemed they were going to simply kill her, Quicksilver convinced her to change the world and we saw House of M. At the end is when she uttered the words, "No more mutants" and things haven't been the same since.

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Looks like it didn't go according to plan. I've brought this up before. She may have said "No more mutants" but what really happened was "not as many mutants." We saw the number " 198" as indicating how many mutants were left. If she meant to get rid of all mutants, how come some remained? 
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With Avengers: Children's Crusade coming out this week, perhaps we'll get some answers. She had the power to change the world. She did change the world. She just didn't change it in the way she said she was going to. We also saw at the end of House of M that Wanda was alive and well living a normal life. Clint found her after his return from the dead and found she apparently had no recollection of her previous life. Living a normal life and not aware that she has any powers, what went wrong with her last spell? Why did she not succeed in getting rid of all the mutants in the world?
I'm really hoping we'll get some answers in Children's Crusade. I'm not really sure what the future will hold for Scarlet Witch. She did some really "bad things" and became too powerful. She may have forgotten what she did but I can't imagine it'd take much for her to remember. Also, I don't think we ever really saw Magneto's reaction to Wanda's changing the fate of mutants. Will she change things back to normal? Is that why she didn't follow through with ridding the entire Marvel Universe of mutants? We need some answers! For the sake of those mutants remaining, let's hope she doesn't freak out again.

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