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Off My Mind: Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson—Venom Vs. Venom

With Brock's new tactics, will their next encounter be their last?

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There's a lot of drama attached to those that were Venom at some one point or another. It's understandable because the relationship with the symbiote is a true symbiotic one. The bonding process occurs on a deep level and for one to live without the other, it could be unbearable.

Yet Eddie Brock managed to walk away. When he believed he was dying from cancer and there was no hope left, he wanted to find redemption. The symbiote's dark ways played a part in the evil deeds he did during his time as Venom. He was eventually cured from his cancer and later developed the powers of Anti-Venom. With those powers, Brock believed it was his duty to cleanse the evil out of others. He ended up using all of those powers in helping to save New York City during Spider-Island and became a hero.

What's next for Eddie?

He is on a collision course with Flash Thompson, the current bearer of the Venom symbiote. They have encountered each other before but are both now in different positions. How will their next meeting play out and will both be able to survive?

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Eddie was the first to truly bond with the symbiote. They had the closest relationship for many years. You would think that would give him an advantage upon meeting Flash Thompson wearing the suit. Because Eddie decided to give up the suit, the symbiote is like a spurned lover. It faced the ultimate rejection. There will be more than simple bitterness for both of them.

After Eddie, the next bearer, Angelo Fortunato was a joke. The symbiote made it clear immediately he wasn't suitable or worthy of its affections. Mac Gargan spent some time with the suit but not enough for it to want to try to return to him as it attempted with Spider-Man when he first removed himself from it.

Flash Thompson has also bonded with the symbiote. Because he has become part of the Secret Avengers, he can't let on that the bonding has occurred. They must remain separated at times to give the illusion that Flash can easily walk away from it. The symbiote won't take this decision lightly. It's not going to understand or appreciate having to be kept locked up and separated from its host.

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Eddie has been seen on a new mission. With his new outlook on life and still on the road to redemption, he's made it his goal to rid the world of taint of the symbiote. That means all of the offspring that were spawned over the years. Eddie probably knows and understands the creatures better than anyone. Reed Richards, Hank Pym, Hank McCoy and the U.S. Army may have studied the symbiote but Eddie knows it from the inside. He's has been bonded to it longer than anyone.

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From his time as Venom, Eddie's perfectly aware of the suit's limitations. He knows what can hurt and incapacitate it. This gives him a big edge over Flash Thompson.

How will their inevitable encounter play out? Brock should have the advantage. Thompson has been doing new things with the symbiote and his more militaristic approach that could catch Eddie off guard. But Eddie's brought in the big guns himself in his war against the symbiotes. Despite the quickness it took Flash to bond with the suit, he doesn't have the experience that Eddie does. Brock should win the encounter.

But because it's Flash's book, most likely it'll end up in a draw of some sort. Flash is a likable character as Venom. His struggle with the suit and difficulty maintaining a double life is interesting to see.

The chances of Flash's career as Venom being cut short aren't too likely. Still, we can hope that this battle between the two will make up for the ones we've already seen. We need to see the two go at it completely. Venom vs. Venom. That would be an event that would be worth seeing.