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Off My Mind: Does Batman 3 Need a Female Lead?

Batman should just fight crime. He doesn't have time for love.

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What do all the Batman movies have in common besides having Batman in them? Every movie has had a female lead. Batman or Bruce Wayne has had a girlfriend in each movie. In Batman there was Vicki Vale. In Batman Returns there was Catwoman, In Batman Forever there was Nicole Kidman as Dr. Chase Meridian. Batman & Robin had Poison Ivy (okay, not necessarily Batman's girlfriend but there was flirting of sorts involved) as well as Elle Macpherson as Julie Madison. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight both had Rachel Dawes (played by separate actresses). 
It's been reported that an "insider" revealed that Christopher Nolan has been auditioning several actresses in their late 20s/early 30s for a lead role. No names were mentioned and the actresses apparently weren't even told what the role they were auditioning for. 
There are a few female characters Nolan could choose, but does Batman really need to have another love interest? 
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I'm not trying to be sexist or have this just be a boys' club but it seems whenever there's a female character, they're usually just a distraction to Batman. I wouldn't mind seeing Catwoman or Talia al Ghul in a role worthy of their comic book counterparts. I understand why Hollywood might want to try to infuse some love or chemistry in movies but that's not a large part of who Batman is. As a Batman fan, I want to see him using his detective and crime-fighting skills. I don't need to see him struggling with trying to choose between love and his dedication to rid the city of evil. 
Hopefully we'll be getting more details soon. It's hard to say how reliable that "insider" might be with their information. I do have a feeling we well see yet another female character added. I would like to see the character serve more of a purpose than just playing a love interest for Batman or Bruce. We should have faith in Nolan, especially since Warner Brothers is practically giving him free reign over the movie. If we do have a female character, who would you want to see? Catwoman? Harley Quinn? Talia? Lady Shiva? Some other random "girlfriend"? What Hollywood actress would you like to see join the cast?