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Off My Mind: Could Damian Wayne Kill the Joker?

Chances are it would never happen but what would the repercussions be?

Death of the Family is underway in just about every Batman-related comic now on sale. The focus of the story is Joker feels Batman is too tied down with people he cares about. He has too many people in his inner circle. Too many he would consider part of his family. Joker feels this has been a distraction. He doesn't think the Court of Owls should've gotten the drop on Batman. It's because he's too unfocused that Batman isn't being the best he could be.

Throughout the crossover issues, Joker has been targeting those individuals. With some, there is an existing grudge, such as with Jason Todd or Barbara Gordon. Not all of the family members necessarily have a personal reason to want Joker stopped aside from the fact that he's a dark and twisted person.

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We've had the discussion before about whether or not Batman should kill the Joker. We've even heard from creators on the topic. But Damian Wayne is another story. He has killed, even after meeting his father. The likelihood of Damian actually killing Batman's greatest enemy in today's comic isn't very likely but what if it did happen? Looking at some of the advanced solicits, you could almost make the case for it happening.

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There is going to be some sort of tragic event. The information for BATMAN INCORPORATED #9 mentions Batman having to be on the run. The question is also raised whether or not he's a murderer. What if (and this is a huge 'what if') Damian follows through with his instincts and kills Joker?

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Damian has killed before so why would this be any different? When he first arrived at Gotham, he killed a mobster, chopped off his head and brought it to the Batcave. He also killed Nobody, Batman's old associate and son of Henri Ducard. The first death was before Damian "knew better." It was before he agreed to follow his father's ways of not killing. With Nobody, it could be considered self defense.

If Damian were to kill Joker, there wouldn't be many people that would get upset. Regardless of how horrible Joker is, there would still be some fallout if a vigilante killed someone that should be locked up. The argument could be made that Joker is simply mentally insane and just needs the right kind of treatment. He would still have civil rights and shouldn't be killed in cold blood.

Let me reiterate once more that this is not likely to happen.

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If it did, what would Batman's reaction be? It's been argued that in some way, Batman does enjoy the thrill of the hunt with Joker. That's why he keeps sending him to Arkham Asylum when everyone knows Joker can pretty much come and go as he pleases. Would he be saddened on some deep lower level? Would he be relieved that the Joker's madness has finally ended? Would he have a problem with his own son breaking their vow of not killing?

Because Batman is always "prepared," he has at least half a dozen, if not more, ways to take an opponent down. In a final confrontation with Joker, he should be able to subdue him without going to extreme measures. If one of his soldiers, his own son, crossed the line and just killed Joker, it would't go over too well. Killing is not what a Robin is supposed to do. What would this do to their interactions as father and son and as the Dynamic Duo if Robin put a stop to Batman's greatest enemy. This is something that Batman has never been able to do.

There could also be the possibility that it isn't Robin that kills Joker but instead, Bruce Wayne's son, Damian. If it happened when he was in his civilian guise, Batman might feel the need to step in to protect Damian. That could be why Batman is suspected of being a murderer in BATMAN INCORPORATED #9.

The fact is, Damian can't kill Joker. As Batman's greatest villain, it was impressive that DC managed to keep him out of stories for over a year in the New 52. There were some stories involving him (or involving his face) but he was allowed to be off for a year making his own plans. You can't kill a villain as great as the Joker. Comic book characters that die always have a way to come back but if this were to happen, it would have to be completely clear that Damian actually killed him. There could't be a disappearing body into the abyss or falling off a cliff where Joker could miraculously survive somehow.

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The bigger question is, could Damian kill Joker if he really set out to do so. Could he overcome Joker's twisted mind and put a permanent stop to him? What would Batman's reaction be to this? This is something we'll probably never know but is interesting to think about.


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Posted By SmoothJammin

Poetic Justice :)

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Posted By Hakujin

It would a very interesting story, especially how the bat family would react

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Posted By Cavemold

he should

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Posted By NightFang3

Hasn't Damian killed enough villains already?

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Posted By Loki2u

This is one of the most interesting articles I've read on here in some time!

I would love to see Damian kill the Joker for the amount of possiblities in storylines that this could create! All the repercussions listed here by G-man would be a great storyline.

I love the Joker, but wouldn't be sad if he were killed off permanently in some epic tale that this is turning out to be. If there is a loophole to have him come back to life one day, so be it....but thanks for a great read, this really had me thinking. :)

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Posted By Ganthetsward20

If anyone could do it it'd be him. Batman wont and someone needs too. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the Joker but after all this can they let him live, better yet, can the afford to let him? The guy isn't just crazy, he's also a genius and he uses it again everyone he knows. Chaos is how he thrives and messing with The Batss is all the motivation he needs to throw himself into the world.

Damien could "kill" the Joker and it would feel right. I'll admit it would seem like much needed sweet revenge if it were Jason, but I can't tell if he has it in him to do it or that it could be written as well by the Red Hood team.

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Posted By 202122

No if anyone is to kill Joker it should be Jason

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Posted By DamianWayne

Eh, I dunno, I don't think Joker would let himself get killed by anyone in the batfamily but Bruce, let alone a Robin, although for him, that might be the ultimate punchline. Getting done in by the one 'group' of people you love to torture and kill.

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Posted By Edimasta

He should do it, this would be a great storyline. I am getting really bored of the Joker and the kind of stupidity here of letting a criminal being like him stay alive. Plus I don't like where this is going, his face peeled off, I mean is he some kind of supernatural? I would not like to trade with him, the infections and pain he must suffer from this... but still alive.

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Posted By moywar700

It doesn't matter if he kills the joker.The Joker will be brought back to life somehow because he's such a good batman villian

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Posted By fluffypigeons


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Posted By thenexusrebound

If it were to happen it would either be Damian or Jason. The rest of the bat family has no love for Joker, but those two have proven that they can go beyond.

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Posted By hazmat103

We've gotten so many Joker stories over the years so I'd be okay with it if Joker dies as long as it's a great ending for him. Besides that, i could see Damian or Jason killing Joker. We know Batman just can't go through with killing him or anyone for that matter.

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Posted By dboy4dashing

Else World!

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Posted By TheMess1428

Jason Todd has dibs.

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Posted By CpTait

They could have Damian or another member of the bat-family kill him at the end of this arc and just claim later that it wasn't the Joker, but some other psychopath who carved off his own face to replace it with Joker's discarded one.

On a side note this would be a terrible idea!

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Posted By ThanosIsMad

DC should actually kill off Joker for some time and have Joker inspired crazies take his place in the years between his eventual revival.

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Posted By doombot890

if Damien was to kill off the Joker I think it would put him on a downward spiral alienating him from the Bat Family and possibly down the line making him into a villian....It would make a good story tho

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Posted By Trevel8182

Yes Damion should totally be the next Jason Todd and become a self righteous villain I hate Damion and that could get me to like his character like it did with Jason.

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Posted By Trevel8182

Oh and also in Batman Beyond:Return of the Joker, when Tim killed The Joker Batman disowned him, so i would like to see the same thing here.

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Posted By mightypug78

I wouldnt be surprised if damian had the joker on his knees and about to deal the final blow only to have Batman intervene and teach damian a lesson in morality or something like that.

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Posted By herrweis

I wish the Joker would kill damien.

Avatar image for knighthood
Posted By knighthood

That would be AMAZING.

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Posted By jlat89

@Trevel8182 said:

Oh and also in Batman Beyond:Return of the Joker, when Tim killed The Joker Batman disowned him, so i would like to see the same thing here.

Actually he tried to get him mental help and forbade him from being Robin again due to the traumatic experience. He didn't disown him. If Bruce were to disown Damian it would have been a long time ago.

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Posted By drixaeterna

Damian should kill Joker... I know I'll get a lot of hate for this, but I think Joker...isn't...interesting anymore... maybe it's his ambiguity that makes him interesting, that we don't know what he's thinking...or what he's capable of...or what he'll do next...but I think that also makes him kind of boring because...he's been around for so long...and there's been almost no progress or even revelation to his character...he can only repeat the process so many times before it gets stale...the current incarnation of him is great and all...but the character should really be put to rest soon...and it shouldn't be anything grand...because it would really make his death something sad...

Avatar image for godofart
Posted By GODofART

@NightFang: LOL! :D

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Posted By TDK_1997

Damian is capable but I don't think that he will break his promise to his father.

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Posted By Lvenger

He might get pushed to the point but Batman would talk him down eventually. After killing Nobody, Damian will be keen to respect his father's advice and strive to be a worthy member of the Batman family. Jason or Barbara are far more likely candidates to kill Joker IMO. But I digress killing off their most popular villain would be a counter productive move for DC. And I hope Snyder doesn't kill Alfred as it's looking that way at the moment. This interesting article has still left me pondering just how Snyder will fulfil the tagline of this story.

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Posted By feargalr

I think it would be pretty great end of Death of the family if Barbara or Damien killed the Joker, there could be some very, very interesting stories out of it. I'd prefer it was Barbara as could lead to some great Batgirl stories for her and then in a year or so I think it could lead nicely in Barbara hanging up her cowl and becoming Oracle once again and could also possible lead nicely into the reintroduction of Stephanie Brown/Cassie as the new Batgirl.

But I doubt that will happen :(

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Posted By NewComicGuy

Joker's death would probably be the one villain death that would garner the attention the likes of a hero, like Spider-Man and Superman. I would be for it if it is well done and happens in the regular Batman comic. Sometimes heroes have to die but sometimes villains should too. Joker has run his course over the years and deserves his final resting place.

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Posted By Suprman

He's definitely capable of doing it, but then so is Batman and most of the other members of the bat family. He's also the only one of the family, outside of Jason, who would be the most likely person to do it. If he ever did kill Joker, or any other Batman villain, he would become the new Pariah of the Bat-Family and He would most likely break off on his own. If he does that, I think it would interesting to see him Kill Ras Al Ghul and Talia, making him the new head of the league of assassins.

Avatar image for supremehyperion
Posted By SupremeHyperion

Yes he could and oh gawd will he please do it. The fact that Joker is still alive and able to do anything besides eat food from a straw is moronic. Do it Damien, Do it....

Avatar image for grim_daddy

He should take joker to the brink of death,as batman trys to stop him.Then have jason stop him, so he can do it ...Sweet revenge for jason and damian keeps his word to his father.

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Posted By crowncoke

The questions is 'Could' he kill him, and we all know he has that in him to do the deed. The question is actually 'Should' he do it. And that comes down to him choosing his father over his mother. I do not think he 'should' kill the Joker because it would be a Talia act and not a Bruce one. BUT... If I was writing this arc, that would be where I was leading it, and change it over to either Tim or Dick actually doing the deed at the end (neither normally has killer instincts nor do either of them have serious grudges against Joker like some of the others).

Avatar image for g_money_christmas
Edited By G_Money_Christmas

I don't think so. He underestimates the Joker. He's way too cocky for his own good and I think the Joker would take him out. I wouldn't mind, I think Damian is a self-righteous little sh*t.

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Posted By Mezmero

I wouldn't mind if he killed him. He'd probably just get brought back with a Lazarus Pit or the Talon formula or something. Fortunately Damian can't kill the Joker because now he has super strength, super endurance, super intellect, super insomnia, advanced technology and cybernetics. As much as I'm digging Snyder's run I'm running out of love for the character in a big way. I think I'm more interested in what he'll do with Nigma when the next arc starts.

Avatar image for ddecourt
Posted By Ddecourt

Damian wouldn't have any problem killing the Joker, but I don't think he would break the promise he made to his dad.

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Posted By urstenky

I think Damien had his face torn/cut/ripped off by the Joker at the end of this months Batman & Robin!! I think his face is on the tray the Joker is ushering in at the end of all the Bat books this month (there may be other faces on the tray as well, Alfred, Bab's mama, ect)!!

Avatar image for entropy_aegis
Posted By entropy_aegis

I miss the times where one used to discuss a Batman story without wondering about who's gonna kill who.

Me I'm more interested in Snyder's court jester/king angle,it's a damn shame he introduced this twist so late in to the story.

Avatar image for thecheesestabber
Posted By TheCheeseStabber

I see it more likely that either Jason or Alfred will kill the Joker

Avatar image for roboadmiral
Posted By roboadmiral

If anyone kills Joker it ought to be Batman. The dance, the game, whatever you want to call it, has always been between the two of them. It has to be one of them to end it. The Joker has proven time and again that he either cannot or will not be rehabilitated. There is no changing him and there is no containing him.

I love the Joker. He's a marvelous character, but he shouldn't survive. If there's any writer in modern comics who has the guts to do it and the talent to do it right, it's Snyder.

Avatar image for soa
Posted By SoA

future bad@$$ Damien will probably have already killed off all villains in his time lol

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Posted By Cakeman3000

I actually think that would be an awesome story arc.

Avatar image for cafeterialoca
Posted By Cafeterialoca

Anyone can kill the Joker.

He's unfortunately too popular to be killed. (That and Batman loves him.)

Avatar image for deadpool25mm
Posted By deadpool25mm

If there is a villian that need to die its Joker.. Batman should have killed him years ago, just as a soldier would kill a terrorist. but making batman not kill anyone kinda make it hard.. joker escapes and more people die.

Avatar image for azrael66
Posted By Azrael66

It should be an arc all on its own.

Avatar image for rainja
Posted By Rainja

They need to Kill off the Joker,not for good but for a while. They Kill off Heros for a while so why not Villains? And I believe Damian or Jason Todd should Kill him,they have the guts to do it and they have every right to.They should do what there Father and mentor has been struggling with for decades And heck just like how Batman has his Legacys, I say he Joker should have one, he don't need to have a Joker FAmily persay, but he should have someone that can ALMOST fill his shoes, I use the term almost just to stress that The Joker is the greatest Villian in Batmans History,but that doesn't mean that he can't have someone that comes in at a close second and that person should come from his camp, maybe Dc should amp up Harley Quinn or someone else if any that's closely associated with the Joker, make them in their own unique way become just as deranged and formidable as the Joker, if I was a writer that's what I would do. Kill the Joker Off and make someone carry on his Legacy, just as Dick Grayson carried on Batmans when the time came, someone should Balls up to this task.

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Posted By zombietag

it would be a good ending imo

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Posted By kennybaese

I could see future trench coat Batman Damian killing the Joker. I guess at this point, that version of Batman was a future that Bruce dreamed or something? (I'm reading Batman Inc. in trade, but I couldn't pass up issue 5. Always need more Damian Batman), but I wouldn't be surprised if that version of Damian did, in fact kill the Joker. I definitely think that Damian killing the Joker while Bruce is still around and dealing with the repercussions of that would make for a more interesting story, but I doubt that's something that'll actually happen.