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Off My Mind: Changing Leadership in Superhero Teams

What happens when the other members aren't happy with the change?

Team dynamic in a superhero team is one of the most important factors in defeating evil. Of course you have to have team members with experience and raw power to defeat the supervillains. On most teams, the different members serve different roles. When it comes to leadership, often there are characters that are always seen as the leader.

Team relationships aren't always perfect. Shake ups always happen for different reasons. The way a team is run or lead also changes. Sometimes teams have different sub-teams and members might not have a choice where they operate. The entire direction of a team could change overnight.

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If such a change occurs, what can the other team members do. Once they accept membership in a team, what options do they have if a big change happens with their team?

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The obvious solution if a team member doesn't like the change is they can quit. If anyone would know this it's Hawkeye.

Hawkeye was the leader of the West Coast Avengers. When the government demanded that USAgent was to be part of the team, tension rose and he decided to quit (Hawkeye actually quit the Avengers many many times over the years).

This was a case when the change happened over the the leader's head. It was out of his control. He could have tried to make the situation work (and obviously he did return to the team) but at the moment, he gave up being with the team he worked to build up and believed in.

Heroes shouldn't quit though (and this isn't saying that Hawkeye is not a hero). Sometimes it's a matter of picking and choosing your battles. He might have quit the team but he didn't quit being a superhero. Each time he quite the Avengers, he thought to handle things on his own.

Sometimes a team leader will make decisions for the members regardless of how they feel.

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With the Initiative, the recruits weren't necessarily equal team members. They were 'heroes in training' and had very little say in what happened. The leaders could even make the decision that they had to stop being a hero. Once they graduated, the idea was they would be placed on a team they felt was best for them as part of the Fifty State Initiative Program. If they made it through the program, they should be happy to be allowed to be a hero but what if they didn't want to be placed on a team with...the Texas Twister or be part of the Kentucky division, Action Pack alongside Frog-Man?

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When Wolverine and Cyclops had their disagreement, the entire team was split in two. Wolverine was willing to follow Cyclops' order and had for years but it finally got to a point where he didn't agree. Wolverine never wanted to be a leader but he decided to leave and run things the way he saw fit.

The other X-Men were all given a choice. They could decide whether they wanted to stay on Utopia with Cyclops or head to the East Coast with Wolverine. Everyone had a choice...except Quentin Quire. He was tied up and taken with Wolverine to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

In a sense, we're seeing this with even the veteran members. Cyclops gathered some members for his X-Tinction Squad. He basically told them they were on his sub-team and didn't ask for their thoughts. Because they chose to stay and follow Cyclops' command, they have to be willing to accept the orders and decisions he makes.

Teams will always go through changes. The way they're run can't stay the same. Sometimes they'll be run independently and other times the government comes in to fund or regulate things. Sometimes leaders step down for others to take charge. It's up to the individual superheroes to make any new arrangements work. Being a hero is who they are and what they love to do.