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NYCC 2015: Frank Miller is Working on New Sin City Story

The famed artist and writer is drawing every day.

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

New York Comic Con has been full of surprises this year. While Frank Miller showing up at the DKIII panel was quite the surprise, the bigger surprise came from the press event afterward. Miller was there promoting the third act in the Dark Knight series, working with Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson, and Brian Azzarello.

Miller was asked if he plans on continuing to do any artwork. He revealed that he's working on a Sin City book, which is a love story set to the backdrop of World War II. He could not reveal much more than that. Klaus Janson said that Miller has been drawing every day.

While Miller isn't drawing the upcoming DKIII book, Andy Kubert is handling those duties, he did draw the Atom mini-comic, which is available inside of issue #1. We'll keep you updated as more develops about this possible upcoming Sin City book.