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NYCC 2014: Green Lantern - Godhead Begins Panel

See what the minds behind DC's latest cosmic story have to say about the characters involved and what we can expect to see.

The Green Lanterns just can't catch a break, can they? The latest crossover story, GODHEAD, places all of the Corps between a ginormous conflict between the New Gods. Darkseid's presence lurks in the background, but right now we're seeing how Highfather is preparing to defeat the man with the omega beams once and for all. The story is well under way and John Cunningham, Bernard Chang, Brad Walker, Justin Jordan, Robert Venditti, and Van Jensen took to one of NYCC’s many stages to chat about the arc with fans. Instead of boring you with a complete play-by-play, we'll jump right to some of the standout remarks that were made by the talent.

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  • Venditti: Godhead has been in the works since before Green Lantern's Lights Out story arc.
  • About the New 52 spin on the New God's mythology: Jensen: there was a lot of talk about who the New Gods are in the New 52 – what their society is like, what their culture is like, and what they want. A lout about what it means to be a God. We want to see people who have been shaped by eons of conflict. Justin and I had a lot of fun creating new New Gods. Daunting challenge.
  • Jordan joked he really wanted to create a New God. “All-New New Gods.”
  • GL: NEW GUARDIANS #35 (out next week): Cunningham comments on Brad’s work. “Pages at the end that are just spectacular visually.” Jordan expresses how much he enjoys Brad’s sci-fi work and the ability to create totally new worlds.
  • Cunningham says GL: NG #35 is a “turning point” in the story.
  • What attracted Jordan to Kyle Rayner: the sheer amount of power he possesses. It’s not what can he do, it’s what should he do.
  • Discussed how this crossover has an advantage because it compliments all of the books it involves; it doesn't interrupt their pre-existing stories.
  • Showed some textless pages from RED LANTERNS #35 (October 22). Includes Simon Baz!
  • Presented with a few textless pages from SINESTRO #6 (October 29). Arkillo’s wearing a bandage over his hand, still wearing his Sinestro Corps attire.
  • Fan asks about Saint Walker's situation. Venditti says he’ll continue to play a "big part" in the story.
  • “Can Arkillo do something cool? He keeps getting hurt,” asks a fan. Justin takes credit for Arkillo losing his fingers. Venditti comments it’s impressive he’s suffered these injuries and keeps on going.
  • Fan asks about Black Lanterns. Jensen says stay tuned in a month or so, big plans with them.
  • Fan asks about their favorite Corps members. Venditti: Saint Walker. Chang: likes the Sinestro Corps. Jensen: Rot Lop Fan. Jordan: Kilowog (audience cheers). Walker: likes the animal-ish lanterns because of illustrating them.
  • Fan asks about Mogo’s fate. Venditti explains he really likes Mogo and claims there's big plans that involve the planet.
  • Jordan states that what’s going on with Blue Lanterns will be revealed fairly soon.
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