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NYCC 2014 Exclusive: Dark Horse Unveils 9" x 17" BPRD Promotional Poster

As part of their "13 Days of Hellboy," get your first look at the upcoming BPRD covers.

On October 1, Dark Horse kicked off "13 Days of Hellboy" with the announcement of a FRANKENSTEIN UNDERGROUND comic. They've continued the announcements across various outlets and the latest is something you can get for FREE. At least it's free if you plan on being at New York Comic Con.

Dark Horse will be distributing a 9" x 17" BPRD promotional poster comprised of BPRD covers 125 - 129. We've seen the covers to 125 and 126. This is the first time the covers to 127-129 have been revealed. Together, they make one incredible image. The art is by Laurence Campbell.

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Here's what Scott Allie, the Editor-in-Chief of Dark Horse told us about this image:

"Not too long ago Mike Richardson, Randy Stradley, and I had had a conversation about why you never want to do a series of interlinking covers. It’s impossible to make an image really work both as a single big image, and as a number of independent images. The former winds up being the artist’s focus, while the majority of the readers only ever see the independent images. But when Laurence proposed this, we saw that this story has so many amazing characters, and so many crazy situations and images, that Laurence could deliver five great independent images, while also creating a mural unlike anything we’d ever done."

You can pick up this poster, while supplies last, at the Dark Horse booth #1636 at New York Comic Con.