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NYCC 2013: TINY TITANS Set to Return (Aw Yeah!)

Let us all take a moment to stop everything and do a happy dance.

New York Comic Con has been full of announcements. A personal favorite didn't come from an actual panel. It's not an officially released announcement. It came upon entering Artist Alley. Visiting Franco and Art Baltazar at their Aw Yeah Comics table, Franco asked me if I read his Twitter feed. When I told him I didn't get a chance yet, he told me to read it before talking to him. Then I saw this:

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That's right, TINY TITANS is coming back!

Normally these announcements are handled by the PR department but apparently Dan DiDio gave the okay for it to be revealed. A few hour after, Franco followed with another tweet:

"Yes! It's true! New Tiny Titans coming soon!"

Aw Yeah!

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TINY TITANS originally began in 2008. It lasted an impressive fifty issues. Not many series lately can maintain that longevity. As this was not an official announcement, no further information is available. There is no word on when exactly we will see it. Franco did state that it would be actual physical comics that we can expect.

I can't further express how happy this makes me.