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NYCC 2012: Superman Panel

2013 is a huge year for Superman. Get the scoop on all of the titles here.

The Man of Steel is going to steal the spotlight next year.  Not only does he have a rather awesome new film coming out but there's also plenty to look forward to in his comics.  Today at New York Comic-Con the panel was packed with big names, including Grant Morrison, Andy Diggle, Tony Daniel and much more. 
Before he departs ACTION COMICS, fan favorite write Grant Morrison has an action packed story to tell.  "Super Doomsday" (who we first met in issue #9) is going to take on Kal-El in issue #15 and Morrison remarked the story is filled with "lots of fighting, lot of pain."  Also, ACTION ANNUAL (Sholly Fisch, Cully Hamner)  will have New 52 Superman's first encounter with kryptonite.  It'll also include Superman's familiar faces -- Lex Luthor, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.  
Come issue #18 of ACTION COMICS, writer Andy Diggle and artist Tony Daniel will take over.  Both joked about the title being a refreshing change of pace -- with Diggle remarking he often writes darker characters and Tony joking how most of his illustrations take place at night.  As for the new costume, Diggle said the end of SUPERMAN #0 reveals the attire and it will be explained over time. 
 Tony Daniel's promo for ACTION COMICS
 Tony Daniel's promo for ACTION COMICS
To top it off, there's also the upcoming Superman crossover "H'el on Earth."  The Justice League will make a cameo and we were treated to images of Cyborg and Flash on covers.  However, the real highlight was Superboy and Ravager getting funky with a defeated Superman serving as a third wheel.   
To make matters even more interesting, Superboy is now sporting Superman's costume.  The panel remarked that they intentionally tried to delay Superman meeting Superboy for as long as possible to make it an especially special (but not good) moment.  Matt Idelson added Superboy is "going to like Batman more than he likes Superman." 
 O la la.
 O la la.
Oh, and then there was this little announcement about two people I've never heard of -- I think their names were Jim Lee & Scott Snyder --behind a new Superman title.  They walked up to the panel and the room went appropriately crazy.   Check out G-Man's feature for all of the details
2013 is going to be one heck of a 75th anniversary for Superman.  Dream team new title aside, what are you looking forward to the most for Kal-El?