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NYCC 2012: Dynamite Entertainment Announces BIONIC MAN VS. BIONIC WOMAN

The fight fans have been asking for. It's the ultimate battle of the sexes sprinkled in with the latest in bionic technology.

Dynamite Entertainment has managed to revive two of the NBC Universal characters, the Bionic Man and the Bionic Woman. In the beginning for THE BIONIC MAN, we saw that Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers were in a relationship. Both suffered accidents that lead to them gaining bionic parts.

In the first issue of THE BIONIC MAN VS. THE BIONIC WOMAN, Steve joins forces with the FBI to try to track down the mysterious, seemingly bionic serial killer. When Steve disappears, only Jaime has a chance to find him. The question is, if their paths cross, will it be as friends, lovers...or mortal enemies?

"Nothing will ever be the same!"

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The action begins January 2013. Written by Keith Champagne, the series will feature covers by Ardian Syaf, Sean Chen, Jonathan Lau, Jack Herbert with interiors by Jose Luis.

Here's what Keith Champagne had to say about the project:

Growing up a huge fan of Steve Austin and now having such a strong admiration for the work Kevin Smith and Phil Hester have done to redefine the characters, I almost have to pinch myself that not only do I get to play in this world, but I get to tell THE Steve Austin/Jamie Sommers story I've carried with me all these years. Expect plenty of twists and turns before it's all over because I'm putting both Steve and Jamie through their bionic paces. Let's see what they look like when or if they make it out to the other side.

Get ready for the action in January. Check out the other covers for the first issue.

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Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!! Just what I always wanted and now its happening! I'm putting my money on Steve for the victory but will not be upset if they give it to her. I'm just blown away in amazement that this is happening. Awesomeness!

Avatar image for haydenclaireheroes
Posted By haydenclaireheroes

Even though I haven't been reading these titles this series looks pretty interesting

Avatar image for mewmdude77
Posted By mewmdude77

I'd say in a situation like this, the one with the more experience and better fighting skills would win, like how in a fight of Spider-Man vs Spider-woman (Spidey not having his spider-sense. That's cheating.) Jess would win, cause she has the better fighting skills, due to her being not only a shield agent, but a Sword agent and ex hydra agent.

Avatar image for solomonwreath
Edited By Solomonwreath

Am I the only one who thinks he looks like superboy a little bit in the last pic?

Avatar image for stmichalofwilson
Posted By StMichalofWilson

GO Bionic Man! Put that Bionic Bitch in her place!

Avatar image for crackdown
Posted By Crackdown

@.Longshot. said:

Sets up a folding chair and waits to see who makes the most sexist comment.

I'll bring the snacks

Avatar image for thespeter
Posted By thespeter

Wow, this should be fascinating! I loved the shows back in the day. I can hardly wait to see how this goes... :-)

Avatar image for zachkastner
Posted By zachkastner

They shall make a bionic child. Or a mess. Either way.

Avatar image for _longshot_
Posted By .Longshot.

Sets up a folding chair and waits to see who makes the most sexist comment.

Avatar image for evilvegeta74
Posted By evilvegeta74

Nice covers, love the art

Avatar image for nova_prime_
Posted By Nova`Prime`

That's right Steve knock her back into the kitchen

Lades? You know I still love you!

Avatar image for nightfang3
Posted By NightFang3

Go team MEN!

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Posted By crazyflashfan11