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NYCC 2012: DC/Vertigo Announce Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy's THE WAKE

The creative team from AMERICAN VAMPIRE: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST join forces again.

Yesterday DC announced that Scott Snyder would be teaming up with Jim Lee on a new Superman comic. That's not the only announcement involving Snyder. Today, it was also announced that Snyder would be re-teaming up with Sean Murphy (AMERICAN VAMPIRE: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST) on a new Vertigo title: THE WAKE.

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Beneath the surface, set amidst the claustrophobic yet beautiful and sweeping ocean-scapes, a discovery is made that will reveal a secret mythology. Full of suspense and horror, THE WAKE is an underwater sci-fi epic like none other.

What is THE WAKE about? Here's what Scott Snyder had to say about the project and working with Sean Murphy once again:

I couldn't be more excited about The Wake! This is a story Sean and I have actually been developing together for more than a year, a big, twisted, sprawling science fiction and horror epic, all of which begins with a single, terrifying discovery at the bottom of the ocean. It's one of the most ambitious stories I've ever done, and there's no one I'd rather be creating it with than Sean Murphy. Sean's a great friend and we had a blast together on AMERICAN VAMPIRE: Survival of the Fittest; luckily, he's also one of the industry's brightest new stars, someone with unrivaled abilities as a world-builder—every scene he draws is so fully realized, so richly imagined, it's hugely inspiring working with him, and I'm grateful to him for signing on to be my partner at the end of the world, here.

Look for it in 2013!