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Nick Spencer Talks About The Upcoming ANT-MAN Series

Spencer, Wil Moss, and Axel Alonso chat about this new series and what fans can expect.

ANT-MAN is getting his own series, and this time, Scott Lang is the man behind the mask. The first issue comes out on January 7th, 2015, featuring Nick Spencer writing and Ramon Rosanas on art and Marvel gave us some information about the new series during a conference call with writer Nick Spencer, series editor Wil Moss, and editor-in-chief Axel Alonso.

Marvel PR's Chris D'Lando opens up the conference talking about ANT-MAN #1 coming to stores January 7th. "We've never had a solo Scott Lang story on the shelves." He introduces Nick Spencer, Wil Moss, and Axel Alonso. Chris starts off the questions asking Nick about the series.

Issue #1 Cover
Issue #1 Cover

Spencer says the darkest clouds over Scott Lang's life are parting. His daughter, Cassie Lang is coming back. We can get more details about this in AVENGERS WORLD #16, which comes out next week. A bit of time as past and he's taking a shot at being a dad. He's unemployed and broke. He's starting from scratch, in Miami. "It's a great setting for a comic Lots of bright colors." He's got a new job and Cassie is a huge part of that. Spencer says that Cassie is "an integral part of who Scott is" He's an excon and a single dad who's getting a new shot.

D'Lando asks about the editorial side of things and Moss says they wanted someone with a unique voice, like Nick, in order for this book to stand out. They wanted a book with a unique voice and wanted it to stand out.

Alonso says he's a huge Ant Man fan. He's a unique character because he gives inherent humor and he's powerful and cool. You look to find what makes these characters unique and go from there. He's single parent and done bad things and he's determined to make things work with his daughter. Spencer was their first candidate. He's funny but great with drama, as seen in his other series SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN and AVENGERS WORLD.

D'Lando asks about Superior Iron Man and his role in the book

Spencer states that issue one leads them to Miami. Tony and Scott have a long relationship. Scott was a reoccurring character in IRON MAN for a long time. "What we're doing is reconnecting Scott to one of the best foundations in comics... They're fun to play off each other."

As for villains of the series, Alonso says that "anybody who follows my work knows I love Taskmaster. He's my go-to bad guy. I'm sure it won't be the last time he pops up." Establishing a great rogues gallery was their top priority. There's going to be a lot of villains, some old some new.

D'Lando asks about the tone of the series and Spencer says that fans of SUPERIOR FOES will enjoy this. There's lot of humor. He's a guy to pull for but at times, will leave readers shaking their heads. It's not the straight up comedy that FOES was. I looked at books like ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN." We wanted to make sure we had the ingrediants of those as well. It's a heroes journey that will make you laugh along the way."

The first press question came from and they wanted to know if Darla Deering will be showing up in this series. Spencer says she'll show up very briefly in issue #1. She'll be a part of the book one way or the other.

Issue #1 Variant by Skottie Young
Issue #1 Variant by Skottie Young

CBR asks about what Miami of the Marvel Universe will be like in their book. Spencer states "I have a million ideas of what the Marvel universe version of Miami looks like." He goes on to say that you take true elements of the city and blow them up. You'll see visually how much fun it is. It's a bright city with a lot of primary color. He says there's a lot to play with. Alonso praises Rosanas' work and mentions the quality of work he did on NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL.

Newsarama is up next and asks if Hank Pym will show up in this series. Spencer has no comment for the time being. However, that's a big part of his life. It's something to keep an eye out for.

Comic Vine asked if the comic build up to a Marvel cinematic universe tone? Spencer said he's a Paul Rudd fan and really looking forward to the movie. "It's a big deal for me." For me, it's exciting to be a part of Scott's world. We're interested in telling stories. It's a story we would have told whether there's a movie or not.

Alonso jumps in to say "the key thing is to write a really great story. You don't need to be an Ant-Man fan to understand who he is. Everything you need is in the first issue." asks if Cassie be coming back as Stature. "That stuff will be revealed quickly in issue 1" says Spencer. He says Cassie has been through a lot and making sure she's ok is a focus early on.

IGN asks about Scott's relationships with the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation and how they'll come into play. "Everything that happened to Scott is important to who he is" states Spencer. This is about Scott as a solo character. It was long over-due for the camera to be on him. Stuff from his past will be there, but it's all on him.

ComicsBeat asks about new characters being introduced. Spencer says that characters new to Scott are showing up and a couple that have been in the Marvel universe previous will be there too but very briefly.

WordBallon asks where Scott's head is right now, as a hero. "I wanted to reconnect to that foundation of the character. Reconnecting with him being a ex-con and a hero" says Spencer. He says that Scott hasn't always had a great moral compass. He starts in FF wanting to end Doom and everyone else told him to go about it a different way. He wants to be a good father and inspire his daughter.

CBR asks about Miami as a setting for Scott and if the fun of that is establishing Scott away from the rest of the heroes in the Marvel U. Spencer says "It's a less crowded space in Miami." Spencer asks what does the costumes look like in a place like that? He says it's fun to build up.

Issue #3 by Mark Brooks
Issue #3 by Mark Brooks

Newsarama asks about Ant-Man's powers and how Spencer has taken them into consideration.Spencer says that there's so much fun you can have with his powers. There's some great stuff coming up in issue three. They want to make the most of his abilities, including how he talks to ants with his helmet.

Comic Vine asks if we'll be seeing the Irredeemable Ant-Man, Eric O'Grady Spencer says "I wouldn't rule it out. The legacy is important." Scott and Eric never really interacted with each other, even though they were both under the same mantle. Moss says that Eric has a big impact on his life as of issue 2. Spencer confirms that.

Alonso comes in to explain the ANT-MAN #1 shrinking variant cover.Every cover is unique. Each individual cover will have a different sized Ant Man on the cover, and it's all numbered.

ComicBookcom asks if Scott will leave Miami to check out the areas right around there. Spencer says he will and they're going to make the most of the location. "What kind of fun can he get up to in the Everglades?"

ComicsBeat asks if they are looking at one and done stories or long form storytelling. "You'll see a little bit of both" explains Spencer. Issue 1 is going to be a one and done story and so is 2. The next few issues are more connected. "This is a book where you'll see a healthy mix of both."

Word Balloon asks about Ramon Rosanas. Moss says that he's very versatile and conveys emotions extremely well. Alonso says that Ramon is very detail orientated and "never takes a panel off." His work is very detailed and dense.

Spencer says "I'm so proud of all the whole thing came together."

D'Lando closes the conference out by reminding everyone that ANT-MAN #1 comes out on January 7th, 2014 and Cassie Lang's adventures will continue in AVENGERS WORLD 16.

Enjoy a three page preview of issue #1!

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