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New Superman, Batman & Justice League Movie Rumors

Could Warner Brothers be prepared to crank up the heat for the DC Cinematic Universe?

There was an early report that an early cut of Man of Steel was phenomenal. There is a lot riding on this movie not only as a lead in to a future franchise for Superman but also as the lead in for other DC characters and the attempt to bring the Justice League of America to the big screen. While there has been some recent worries over the script for the Justice League film, a new rumor may justify why the possible early draft of the script has been scrapped.

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Latino Review is reporting that Christopher Nolan is now taking over the DC characters at Warner Bros. This gives him the final say in anything that is to be done on the big screen. This means that as with Man of Steel, he would be overseeing and producing the Justice League film. It's also reported that Zack Snyder would be a producer and possible the director for the Justice League.

But that's not all. They're also saying that this could lead to the return of Christian Bale as Batman. It might seem hard to swallow but Bale was quoted in an interview saying he would love the challenge of making a fourth movie work if Nolan came to him with a script and said there was another story to tell.

Of course none of this is confirmed at this point. It all makes sense in that Warner Bros. will definitely want to ensure a strong and profitable franchise to compete with Disney's The Avengers.

We'll have to wait and see if they will try to bring Christian Bale back. He's proven financially at the box office he has what it takes to bring life to the character. Having him alongside other superheroes could be odd but if anyone could make it work, it would be Christopher Nolan.

Source: Latino Review

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Posted By Mr. Messy Face
This needs to happen.
This needs to happen.
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Posted By dontbelievethehyperion

If they bring back Bale that will definitely take it up another notch.

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Posted By TheCowman

I'm gonna have to see how 'Man of Steel' turns out before I know if Nolan helming the DCU movie-verse is a good thing or not. His Batman movies were great, but I'm worried about his labeling of certain aspects of the Bat-canon as 'too silly'.

Now this may have just been for his realistic take on Batman and when it comes to the rest of the DCU he'll incorporate more fantastical elements. 'Man of Steel' should give a good indication of this.

As for Bale, I'd rather he not return. I'd like a fresh start for Batman in a unified movie-verse. And maybe I'm being petty, but I just can't deal with any more of his growly, mouth-breathing.

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Posted By the_stegman
@Gambit1024 said: where was the Man of Steel when a terrorist threatened to nuke Gotham? This is a terrible idea.
Maybe in this reality, Batman came before Superman, Clark could have still been on his little hitchhiking adventure.
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Posted By DestineSavior

I believe in Nolan.

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Posted By Press Oblivion

@Gambit1024 said: where was the Man of Steel when a terrorist threatened to nuke Gotham? This is a terrible idea.

There is an 8 year hole in Batman's Movies, there is no reason they can't try and work in that time frame for the JLA. There may not be that cohesion but the possibility is awesome. Look how great X-Men first class was. After thoughts can be great even if the linear story doesn't sync up.

Where was Superman? It can be explained away, this sort of thing happens in the comics all the time.

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Posted By SUNMAN

@Gambit1024 said: where was the Man of Steel when a terrorist threatened to nuke Gotham? This is a terrible idea.

Batman would come before Superman. Also Superman can't be everywhere at once

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Posted By cuddles666

I don't like Bale as Batman, never have. Bring back Kevin Conroy!

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Posted By AllStarSuperman
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Posted By krexxxx4

The only problem I would have with Bale coming back as Batman is that it would take away from the "end" feel to The Dark Knight Rises. It would almost be like rewriting Batman entirely because Bruce Wayne would have nothing. Moreover, it would create the huge plot hole of Bruce Wayne and Batman coming back at the same time. I don't know about you guys, but I think enough people found out Batman's Identity in the last movie... Don't get me wrong I would love to see Bale back as Batman, I just think it would an extremely big "challenge" as Bale said it would be that could ruin the third installment of The Dark Knight Trilogy.

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Posted By Barkley

@Mr. Messy Face: finally someone has the balls to say what ive been saying

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Posted By tjs4759

I like the idea of Nolan having final say-so of the DC characters. From what I've seen, I like the more dramatic tone Man of Steel seems to have. I think having that dramatic tone to all the DC characters would be a good way to separate themselves from Marvel which where more light-hearted movies.

I don't like the idea of bridging the Dark Knight Trilogy with the rest of the DC Universe. I don't think super powered aliens would work well with Nolan and Bales Batman Universe.

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Posted By Gambit1024

Alright, I thought about it some more. If Bruce Wayne comes back after everything that happens in TDKR, what happens then? Does he assume the Batman identity full-time?

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Posted By Smurfboy

All I want is for the movie, Justice League to be as good as the Avengers. I am definitely looking forward to the new Superman movie this summer and Justice League movie. Can't wait!

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Posted By the_tree

@Gambit1024 said:

Alright, I thought about it some more. If Bruce Wayne comes back after everything that happens in TDKR, what happens then? Does he assume the Batman identity full-time?

Then there's the question of what happens to John Blake. There's also the fact that four of Batman's villains are dead (Bane, Ra's, Two-Face, and Talia). If they want to create a universe, I don't think the best way to start out is by having a dent in Batman's rogue's gallery.

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Posted By Xcalibur
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Posted By hazmat103

i hope not. i honestly didn't like bale as batman and i'd much rather see a new batman.

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Posted By lifeboy

@fables87: wb is doing a wonder woman tv series. That has to be much better than a WW movie. We will get to watch a two piece bikini clad babe fight crime every week. That has to bring on atleast alittle smile :-)

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Posted By the_stegman
@Gambit1024 said:
Alright, I thought about it some more. If Bruce Wayne comes back after everything that happens in TDKR, what happens then? Does he assume the Batman identity full-time?
My question is, do people think Bruce Wayne is dead at the end of TDKR?? Was his identity of Batman made public? or do just the people at his private funeral know who he was?
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Posted By xtremekidx

If this happens,F*** me!!!! im excited

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Posted By HushoftheWind

If Bale comes back in speak in the manner as he did in Batman Begins, i'll be good. Also, he Nolan unground Batman and make him feel like an actually comic book hero instead of "hey, this is what Batman would be like in real life," then that'll also be nice.

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Posted By HushoftheWind

@danhimself: agreed Dan. I feel if Nolan gets a whole of the Movie it might feel a bit grounded.

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Posted By viin


In a way Im hoping they dont even include the Man of Steel in the Justice League plans...I would like to think if they made a Superman trilogy like the TDK trilogy then the Death of Superman arc would be a good focus for the final movie.

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Posted By dondave

Might work out well, might not

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If DC doesnt want to their JL movie to look like a complete rip-off of Avengers, they could always have the individual movies be seperate from each other & the JL movies, & only co-exist in the same universe in a JL series of films.

Bale could a Batman in the movies, but it doesnt have to be the same Batman in that trilogy. Just similar.

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Edited By lightsout

@Smart_Dork_Dude: well, technically that would work for the comics too. Superman would be able to handle Batman's villains easily. That's why then the 2 are teamed up (Justice League, or Superman/Batman), they take on villains more in Superman's league, and Bruce just provides the detective role rather than the fighting one (or he fights people on the villains side who are non-powered as well). When separate, it's just easy to say Superman is very busy and so Bruce just doesn't call him in on even the worst cases, lol (otherwise Batman's first 2 new52 arcs would be very boring if someone with powers was involved).

Although I might take that Superman. "You have freeze breath?!" "Yea..I guess"

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Posted By weaponxx

No, Please Christian Bale, stay retired as Batman. Never return.

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Posted By VioletPhoenix

It's hard to get excited about WB's announcements that they plan to start a DC cinematic universe, there's very little traction

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Posted By RavenVice01

Once again, another article praises the supposedly great and powerful Christoper Nolan. I thought all this star f@#$%king for that limey brit was over the moment Dark Knight Rises left the theaters. Nolan's time with DC is done. If u keep that wanker involved with DC, I guarantee u won't see a majority of ur favorite rogues or heroes anytime soon. I mean now that Talia is dead, all the Damian Wayne fans will never get to see their favorite yet sadistic Robin come to the silver screen. We must stand up against all Nolan worshiping toadies and the evil that is Nolan and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!" Whose with me!

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Posted By MadOmegaMan

Looking at Man of Steel's take on Superman, I think it's grounded enough to fit in with Nolan's Batman. The Dark Knight Rises showed this Batman working with Catwoman which (imo) turned out well, so I can imagine him working with the League.

Also, it could be an idea for this Justice League movie/franchise to be set during the 8 year gap between Dark Knight and Rises. It could possibly explain his broken leg, and wouldn't cheapen the ending of the Rises.

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Posted By Skewer

I don't think it'll be set in the same universe as his trilogy and as much as I liked Christian Bale which I seem to be a minority right now(although I agree about the voice) he should move on. Christopher Nolan taking the helm is great news and he should because Warner bros needs all the help they can get considering how well they are going with characters that aren't batman and aren't animated.

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Edited By drgnx

Watching DC try to launch the flagship team movie franchise is like watching Microsoft try to break the tablet into mainstream;They have been at it for years, have had all the pieces in place, yet someone else (technically multiple companies) still came and beat them to the punch, and they are still trying to get it right.

I mean Fantastic Four came and is being rebooted, X-men came and is doing prequals, now avengers came and has made its presence known .... and DC is still planning...

@The_Tree said:

@Gambit1024 said:

Alright, I thought about it some more. If Bruce Wayne comes back after everything that happens in TDKR, what happens then? Does he assume the Batman identity full-time?

Then there's the question of what happens to John Blake. There's also the fact that four of Batman's villains are dead (Bane, Ra's, Two-Face, and Talia). If they want to create a universe, I don't think the best way to start out is by having a dent in Batman's rogue's gallery.

LMAO!!!! And Joker MIA

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Posted By adamrcorrigan

Should be good, but a bit worried that the film will centre to much on Batman; making the more powerful characters, supporting roles,

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Edited By Reignmaker

Nolan haters scream in agony. The rest of us feed on your delicious tears and pray to the gods that these rumors are true.

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Posted By leokearon

More pointless rumours, makes me wonder why bother reporting them

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Posted By lilben42

If this is true it would be great to have Nolan OVERSEE the DC movies. But I don't completely know until Man Of Steel comes out. I don't really care about Bale coming back or not. But I don't want him to direct it.

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Posted By Perfect 10

@TheGodofThunder: no you are not. i really dont get the hype. to each his/her own

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Posted By Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

If you could package up promises everyone would be rich.

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Posted By GodDamnIronMan

Frankly speaking, i don't want Nolan to direct any Heroes United movie... He would definitely do well Solo film, with very realistic based....But JLA?! I don't think so...

What fans want is the real JLA in the big screen, the Superman, WW, green Martian....but it's all seems very unrealistic...which is very hard for Nolan to swallows..

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Posted By MonsterStomp

Avengers have a strong opponent now. As if TDKR wasn't enough. Avengers was so overrated imo.

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Posted By Cosmic Sentinel

I'm reserving judgement on how good this could be until after I see Man of Steel and whether I want to see other heroes in that style. I'm hopeful about it from what I've seen so far and if I have any real criticism of Snyder's Watchmen, it would be that it was too much like the comic when it might have benefited structurally from a few changes. The Marvel films have all been great because of that faithfulness to the source material, so Snyder might really be the best guy for the job.

As for Batman, I'd want to see him rebooted to be more in line with his comic book self. A solo film where he takes on one of his super-powered villains would go some way to explaining how he gets to stand along side the other Justice Leaguers. If Bale is sticking around, he really needs to drop that ridiculous voice. He'd just look silly trying that when he's stood next to a guy who speaks normally and can tear you apart like tissue paper.

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Edited By DMC

christian bale in Justice League? No thank you

Christopher Nolan is fine I guess, he's the proven commodity as long as that includes David.S Goyer

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Posted By hqn

@Superguy0009e said:

Honestly, I don't think this will work out great. I like Nolan, but he is not the type of Sci Fi guy I think should be helming ALL Dc Cinematic Decisions. We need someone like Whedon who has past work in comics and movies similar to that of the company they are working for,

now that would be funny, Whedon helming bot Marvel's and DC's cinematic universes. I mean, it's like JJ Abrams helming both Star trek and Star Wars...

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Posted By sinestro_GL

If Nolan does the JLA movie...wouldn't it make his Batman trilogy seem rather...redundant?

Example, Gotham was taken hostage by Bane and his gang. If there were indeed super-powered heroes around, they sure were gigantic assholes for not helping Gotham City out.

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Posted By Superbat420

As much as i love the dark knight series, lets face it, It will be stupid with bales batman...

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Posted By deadpool25mm

Christopher Nolan... he ruined Batman.. made him look like some weak guy who dress's like a bat. Batman sould be jumping off rooftops throwing batarangs moveing fast, Christopher Nolan's Batman moved so slow and his punchs...lets not talk about that.. the only good thing was the Joker. I mean Bane was good too but not that good + the way they build up Banes charcter the whole movie then throwing him aside like he was a regular soldier.. wtf.

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Posted By nappystr8

I think it's hilarious that Nolan keeps saying he's done, and WB keeps shoveling money at him. If this is true, it's worrisome in the long run that they are so dependent on a single person to keep their film franchises in order, but in the short term that would definitely be the best thing for salvaging the Justice League film.

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Posted By SupremeHyperion

So we are going to have a Justice league movie that has nothing to do with comic cannon? so is flash just going to be a real fast track athlete, wonder-woman will be a former female pro-wrestler, aquaman will be micheal phelps, and superman will be one of those guys who can rip telephone book in half wearing a rocket pack? oh and he'll be from a dfferent country to give him that alien feel? Can't forget a batman who has to rough up his voice to sound silly, even when the person talking to him knows who he is.

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Posted By The Average Bear

Any of y'all seen Punisher: War Zone? I feel like Ray Stevenson from that movie would make a pretty cool Batman if they decided to reboot or something. Maybe an older Batman

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Posted By monarch2016

@MuyJingo said:

@Smart_Dork_Dude said:

Bale back as Batman? Fine, but I'm more worried about the glaring tone shift!!!! I mean, there were no superpowers in Nolan's Bat-verse!!! They even made a parody of what would happen if Superman showed up in Nolan's universe!!

This has always been a silly argument. Just because powers or other heroes are not seen or even alluded to in the bale batman movies does not mean they don't exist. Look at it this way, there are plenty of batman stories that don't mention other heroes, don't have anything unrealistic in them....they just have batman solving a mystery...all humans. It doesn't mean the more fantastical stuff ceases to's just irrelevant to the story being told.

That said...I do not want Bale back as Batman and I definitely don't want Nolan in charge of the Cinematic DCU.

I don't want characters who are nothing like there comic book counterparts, immersed in a world that is like ours in terms of realism, and yet somehow more ridiculous in what is allowed to transpire. I want a Batman who is a detective, wearing the grey, working with the other heroes to combat a greater threat.

Can you imagine a Nolanized Green Lantern or Flash? Ugh!

would be great IMO