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New Spider-Man 2099 Series Announced

Come see who's writing and illustrating Miguel O'Hara's ongoing!

Miguel O'Hara aka Spider-Man 2099 has found himself stuck in the modem 616 era in the pages of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN. Well, there's good news if you like the futuristic wall crawler! Writer Peter David and artist Will Sliney are teaming-up to give Miguel his very own series! It's scheduled to arrive in July and the first cover -- as well as some sketches by Sliney -- have been posted.

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Sliney talked about the book and made a comparison to Captain America. “Miguel is now trapped in the present day Marvel Universe, so straight away we have to deal with the fact that in the greatest of Marvel traditions, we have a hero out of time. I'm looking forward to drawing that iconic costume in the surroundings of some of New York's gritty and textured looking neighborhoods.” When asked what Spider-Man 2099 will call himself now that he'll be in the world with the original Spider-Man, Peter David replied, “How about ‘S-Man?’” David added the book will kick off with someone trying to "remove Miguel violently" from the era. It'll also address the people behind Spider Slayers being sold to other countries and dive into the Spider-Verse event.

What do you think, Viners? Are you definitely picking up the debut issue or will you wait to see what others think of it first? Let us know below.