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New SECRET SIX Series Announced

Gail Simone is bringing the fan favorite team into The New 52!

Gail Simone's SECRET SIX was thoroughly awesome and DC is clearly aware of this because the publisher's having her bring the team into The New 52! The announcement made by Hero Complex also reveals that Dale Eaglesham worked on the new character designs and will create the covers. Artist Ken Lashley will provide interiors. As of right now, we know Catman and Black Alice will be on the team and the writer said this new version of Thomas Blake will be even more dangerous. The first cover, by Eaglesham, has also been posted.

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Simone says the tone will be similar to the previous run and will still have "black humor and edginess." As for the plot, the writer explained the team will be facing a "major question" and called it "the 'Twin Peaks' of superhero comics."

SECRET SIX #1 is scheduled to go on sale December 3. So, who else is very excited to eventually purchase the debut issue?

Source: Hero Complex