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New Preacher Teaser Features Arseface

AMC's newest television series based off the Vertigo comic series arrives May 22.

AMC's next television series based on a comic is Preacher, a story about a man with a power of a god; his on-again, off-again lover; and his best friend, who happens to be an Irish vampire. The network revealed a new teaser for the May series which features a glimpse at the character Arseface, a sheriff's son who blew his own face off with a shotgun. Surprisingly enough, this deformed teenager ended up becoming a fan favorite character on the series.

This newest teaser gives fans a look inside the cast and world of Preacher. Much like the Vertigo comic series, the new show seems to have a dark tone and ominous feeling. However, the original comic contains moments that might be a little too much for the small screen.

Purists are hoping for something true to the comic, but executive producer Seth Rogan said in an interview with EW that it won't be an exact adaptation: “I don’t know that you could translate it directly. Everybody involved felt we should not — including [comic creator Garth Ennis].”

The new AMC series will star Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Ruth Negga as Tulip O'Hare, Joe Gilgun as Cassidy, and Ian Colletti as Arseface.

Preacher comes to AMC on May 22.