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New Moon Knight Series by Bendis & Maleev

"All the Avengers you'll ever need."

MOON KNIGHT!! Do I have to say more? A new Moon Knight series by Bendis and Maleev? Is that still not enough to grab your attention? How about this new teaser image? 

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I may have mentioned once or twenty-eight times that I love Moon Knight. I also love that Bendis will be writing this. What I don't love is how every Moon Knight series starts out strong and then fizzles out. I need my monthly fix of Moon Knight. Let's hope this one lasts. And it's coming in May, just in time for my birthday. Thanks Marvel! 
With the different versions of Moon Knight we've had, where do you want him to go in this series? Should he stick with the Avengers or go back to his solo butt-kicking adventures?