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New Matt Smith Doctor Who Trailer (Season 5)

Want to see the latest Doctor?

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With David Tennant gone, us Doctor Who fans have been left wondering what things will be like when Matt Smith takes over. For now, we'll get a tiny idea. BBC One has released a teaser trailer. When you see this, you might wonder what's going on. It does seem a little weird. The idea is, this trailer will be seen in 3-D for the UK audiences of Alice In Wonderland. Now it should make sense.  Check out the trailer: 
Thanks to leokearon also for pointing out the trailer. 
Whenever there's a new Doctor, I'm always a little excited and a little skeptical. Most people don't like change. It's sometimes hard to accept a new Doctor, especially when you've been enjoying the previous so much (like with David Tennant). I am willing to give Matt Smith a chance, of course. What I didn't like about this trailer was the long lovey-dovey looks they seemed to be giving each other. Let's just have straight Doctor Who adventure without the "assistants" getting those kind of feelings for him.  
When Easter arrives, we should be hearing how this Doctor is. We'll have to wait to hear when the new episodes will air on BBC America.