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New 'Iron Man 3' Promo Art Shows Off New Armor

Is this the Mark XLVII armor?

On October 23, word is the trailer for Iron Man 3 will debut. That's not too far off now but of course we want to see anything we can as soon as we can. A new piece of promo art has surfaced over at CBM showing the 'Mark XLVII' armor in action.

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Kind of makes you want to high five your computer screen, right? We've seen some 'leaked' images pop up before. This image has also been seen but in a much smaller, lower quality version. I'm curious what the 'general public' of moviegoers will think about the armor with less red featured. I'm also very curious to see what new features this armor will have in the movie.

Hopefully we'll see something once the trailer is released.

Iron Man 3 will be released (in 3D) on May 3, 2013. You can see the release date for the other Marvel movies HERE.