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New 'Iron Man 3' Movie Poster Featuring The Mandarin Revealed

Check out actor Ben Kinsley dressed up as the Mandarin in this new promotional poster.

May third is just around the corner which means the closer we get to the release of the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie, the more footage, teasers and posters of actors we will get to see as well. Earlier today the latest Iron Man 3 movie poster was unveiled, giving us an even closer look at actor Ben Kinsley as the Mandarin. The image showcases his costume which appears to be a cross between something Fidel Castro (those sunglasses and army fatigues are pretty rad) and someone out of Imperial China would wear. There are a few details in the image that are worth noting.

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First, it seems Mandarin has a thing for collecting military dog tags, hence the collection of tags casually draped on his right side. What could that possibly mean? The character is also sporting a ring on each of his fingers which will likely be critical to the role of the character in the movie in general. What do you think, though? Do you like the Mandarin's look? Does he look menacing enough to break Tony Stark? Has Iron Man finally met his match? We will have to wait and see.

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