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New image from 3/22 episode of Spider-Man

I wasn't sure if the news release had a typo last time I posted an image of Shocker.   We know his real name is Herman Schlutz.  It looks like they're making the Enforcer, Montana into the Shocker.  Why?  Poor Herman gets treated like dirt enough as it is.  Now he's not even good enough to appear in the cartoon?  Poor guy.  I get that it's a "different universe" and all and they will and should take some liberties.  Just seems a little weird.  Maybe it's an easier way to have the Enforcers and also have a reason for Shocker to turn up. 

Wonder if there'll be any mattress references to his costume?

The synopsis for "Market Forces":

While Peter Parker resists taking on the responsibility of helping Aunt May pay the bills, Montana – the Big Man's Enforcer – becomes the stunning Shocker to fulfill his responsibility: eliminating the Spectacular Spider-Man. Renowned voice actor Jeff Bennett fulfills the stunning role of Shocker. "Market Forces" is written by Andrew Robinson and directed by Dan Fausett.

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