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New Guardians of the Galaxy Member Revealed

Who's Marvel sending to space next? Unfortunately, it's not Squirrel Girl.

Iron Man was hanging out with the Guardians of the Galaxy and having a good time, but he's by no means a permanent member of the team and has plenty of other matters to attend to. So Stark's leaving the group, but a little while ago, Marvel teased that another character will fill the available roster spot. Who is it that'll stand side-by-side with the sci-fi team in all-new crazy adventures?

Spoiler below but we assume that's why you're reading this.

Well, if you were bummed out over VENOM's cancellation, then you're probably going to be thrilled.

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The Guardians are about to welcome two new members, including Captain Marvel and one Mystery Marvel Superstar you’d never expect to see with the Guardians of the Galaxy! And this mysterious character is about to set off a chain reaction that takes our heroes to the farthest reaches of space, on a collision course with one of the deadliest threats in the cosmos!

Venom will join the team in the Free Comic Book Day Special issue. Written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Nick Bradshaw, the free issue will hit participating comic shops on May 3rd, 2014. Additionally, there will be a back-up story by Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli which will tease an all-new and "top secret" Spider-Man event for 2014.

It looks like Venom will make it out of "Darkest Hours" in one piece, eh?

Source: Newsarama

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Posted By KaliboooStew

I was thinking of dropping GotG but this is making me want to keep reading.

I don't know where I'm going to get this money from -_-

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Posted By Extremis

@matkrenz said:

I get the symbiote is from space so that could be an interesting thing to explore but Venom is such a bad fit for GoTG.

Not to sound like a di*k but I think that's precisely the point.

I'd say the most fun books on my pull list right now are this book and Indestructible Hulk. I can always count on them to deliver the goods every month.

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Posted By Teerack
@wessaari said:


Exactly what I was gonna say.

But seriously first Ironman, now Venom? Can mainstream Marvel get the hell away from my Guardians.

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I'm down with Venom, and hope we get to see its homeworld, but I'm not a fan of Captain Marvel. I'm already on the fence with dropping the series, but I'll give these new members a chance before making the call.

P.S. I miss DnA's Guardians. They were awesome :(

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Posted By Ostyo

Well, at least Tony will be gone.

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Posted By micah007123

Nice, Venom's been getting a push lately

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Posted By Superguy0009e

Please be Flash! He deserves to tread on after his series ended.

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Posted By GraniteSoldier

Please be Flash! He deserves to tread on after his series ended.

It better f**kin be Flash.

Avatar image for sparty_dbq
Posted By sparty-dbq

Well, there goes half the reason I'm reading Thunderbolts.

Oooh, maybe Mania will take his spot.

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Posted By tparks

Not happy about this....

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Posted By Scantenii

I think this is a little weird but I am interested to see where it goes. I am hoping when Peter returns he comes back to earth for a bit. Ever since Flash got the suit I have been hoping for a story with Peter and Venom with both of them knowing who each other really is. I think that story, or stories, could have a pretty cool buddy cop vibe. I think I will have to wait a while for that.

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Posted By nappystr8

My initial reaction was one of bewilderment, but Venom is an alien, so I guess it makes sense that he could join up with the Guardians.

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Edited By StMichalofWilson

Venom makes sense. Maybe the writers will be featuring some symbiote stories in the future?

Avatar image for jonsmith
Edited By JonSmith

Been a long time since they've reminded us the symbiote is from space. I'm excited to see how it goes. Also, I see Captain Marvel is still sporting that awful faux hawk helmet monstrosity. WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA?!

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Posted By ShadowSwordmaster


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Posted By TheBlueAngel93

I'm simply glad that Agent Venom is sticking around and teaming up with other heroes.

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Posted By Perfect 10

this is so silly. angela hasnt even joined yet and they are focusing on bringing in two people who dont even need to be there? captain marvel i can see, i get it (doesnt mean i like it) but venom??? so is he NOT losing his powers but his suit is just splitting off like it did when he created maniac?

Avatar image for chocolatefrogs
Posted By ChocolateFrogs

That's awesome. As much as I'd rather the Guardians just be by themselves for a few issues (or more) (though Angela is awesome and should stick around), I'd love to see Venom switch things up.

Avatar image for makkyd
Posted By MakkyD

I was about to celebrate Stark leaving, then got confused by the announcement of Venom and finally accepted it actually makes sense and is pretty cool.

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Posted By DoomGuy

God I hate the way Venom looks.

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Posted By IDontLikeBirds

1. Can we just stop saying alien and just say non-human? They're only alien in regards to Earth as they are not Earthlings. An alien is someone who is not native to a region.

2. The hell?! Venom...that's just...okay still trying to wrap my head around it....I love Agent Venom, loved his series, but this is an odd fit, though it should be interesting. I never did read Secret Avengers or Thunderbolts when he was in either team, might get me interested in this.

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Edited By cuddles667

I'm kind of disappointed it's not Squirrel Girl. You'd think she and Rocket Raccoon would really hit it off......

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Posted By blazingwhale

This is where marvel falls down, shoe-horning in characters that aren't required to boost popularity of others! This new GotG is trash sadly, I loved the DnA stuff an they are just ignoring it, the fact drax is back from the dead hasn't even been mentioned, an Quill 15 years younger is ignored! The team hated each other before too now they are all BFF's? No concept of past writers work! I also doubt that captain marvel an venom won't appear on earthbound books also! Makes little sense, almost as bad as reed being missing from earth for a year when it's meant to be a day an the illuminati doesn't even mention it when they see him!

Avatar image for metakevin
Posted By metakevin

I'm loving the new GotG, personally. Sort of an all-inclusive anything goes affair, though I do wish they'd explore more strange frontiers and leave Earth behind for a few storylines. Not bothered by Iron Man, and Venom makes a lot more sense than he does.

Whatever happened to Angela, anyway? As of the last issue she was still kicking ass and supposedly joining the Marvel Universe as a GotG member. Maybe I missed something.

Easy to see how Agent Venom becomes part of the Guardians though. Shit's invading Earth, Infinity has just brought the Galaxy down on Earth, US government wants someone knowledgeable in a galaxy-wide organization, hire Venom. Or maybe they're finally making a space story out of their most well known space aliens, the symbiotes.

Avatar image for mrfuzzynutz
Posted By Mrfuzzynutz

So conflicted..One hand I really don't care for the G.O.G or at least this version of them, I kind of liked the old school squad a bit more. Not a fan of the military Venom either...BUT I LOVE Carol and been a fan of hers for years

so I may have to check this out for a change

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Posted By LCazT1996

@danhimself: 2 and half alien's

1 animal

2 humans

1 thing

Rocket Raccoon isn't an animal... He's an alien...

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Posted By deactivated-579e79a09210d

I'm excited to see what they do with venom. He is one of my favorite marvel characters. I think this is a bit of a weird fit for venom though.

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Edited By snarkybits

Both new additions are news to me.

Freakin' cool, I say!

Avatar image for fodigg
Posted By fodigg

Carol makes sense but Flash? Crazy. Awesome, but weird.

Avatar image for flazam
Posted By flazam

I have loved guardians since issue one

But WTF!!!

Avatar image for chaos_burn
Posted By Chaos Burn

How see through is this? Marvel has this new film coming out, but the characters are a bit far fetched and aren't mainstream enough to they shove in one Marvels most currently popular character. Such a ploy

Avatar image for star_boy616
Edited By Star_Boy616

Venom? In a space team? That's weird. But right now, I'm feeling so happy :')

Guardians was a book I wanted to buy for a while and this sounds like the right incentive.

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Edited By The_Changing_Man

Well there is another one of my favourite story arcs and by Bendis of all people didn't think it would be possible. Thank Vaughn that I still have Saga. There is no need to mess with the guardians, this is a fantastic comic and hate space and alien stuff yet it is my second favourite comic at the moment. I can't stand all the venom crap it has been played out now just be rid of it instead of moving from book to book in a never ending cycle of is it good or is it bad when ultimately it will be bad and then the cycle will start over and over with new hosts. Do screw with a damn good thing Bendis.

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Man ya'll do Squirrel Girl wrong!

Avatar image for comicstooge
Posted By ComicStooge

Yeah, I'm down for this.

Avatar image for shanana
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I like Carol with the guardians though.

Avatar image for brazekool

Oh yes. Some lore on Venom's home-world in this arc please and thank-you.

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@doomguy said:

God I hate the way Venom looks.

me too...venom should look like venom ALL the time...

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