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New Firestorm Revealed in 'The Flash' Poster, Robbie Amell Returns

Robbie Amell teases his return to the DC/CW Universe.

If you've missed out on The Flash this season, you've missed some big moments and may want to stop reading now. In the second season opener of the series, it was revealed that Ronnie Raymond sacrificed himself to help Barry Allen save the city. Now, Professor Stein is catching on fire and passing out and the future for Firestorm is unknown.

In a poster for an upcoming episode of The Flash, there's a new Firestorm revealed.

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Episode 4: "The Fury of Firestorm" airs on Tuesday, October 27, nad it has newcomer Franz Drameh in the role of Firestorm, but where does he come from and how does he become the new Firestorm? We'll all find out next week.

In addition, Robbie Amell sent out this picture on Instagram this week, welcoming Drameh to the new role and also teasing Amell's return to the show.

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When will Ronnie Raymond come back? Will he be from Earth-Two or did he actually survive? find out more on Tuesday on the CW!