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New Doctor Who (Matt Smith) Trailer

It's official, David Tennant is no longer the Doctor.

Farewell David Tennant.  It's been a blast seeing you as the Doctor.  Now we have this Matt Smith bloke to look forward to.  Is anyone actually looking forward to his run as the Doctor?  I know it's not fair to the new actor having to be compared to the previous Doctor.  I said it before, I really dug Christopher Eccleston and wasn't thrilled with Tennant in the first couple episodes.  Obviously he managed to win me (and the world) over pretty quickly.  Now that Tennant is gone (don't spoil it, us Americans don't get to watch "The End Of Time, Part 2" until tonight), a trailer for the next season is available (courtesy of Rich Johnston).  
There aren't really any spoilers here.  I couldn't even resist watching and I personally hate spoilers.  So it's safe to watch.  Check out Matt Smith and see if you think he has what it takes to be the next Doctor. 

 Not as bad as I thought.  Since I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who and have seem all the regenerations since the third Doctor, I know this is to be expected.  The Doctor is bound to regenerate sooner or later.  You just have to accept it.  From this trailer, Matt Smith doesn't seem as bad as I first thought.  And it's great seeing those "Blink" statues coming back!
If you're curious about the previous regenerations or would like to see them again, check out this awesome article featuring all the past regenerations that io9 posted!  Just do not watch the last clip if you haven't watched "The End Of Time, Part 2"!!