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New Details on the Scott Snyder & Jim Lee SUPERMAN Series

Find out what the series is called and when it'll come out!

We've known for a while now that the dream team of Scott Snyder and Jim Lee will present a new Superman title, but now we finally have plenty of new information about the upcoming series.

First and foremost, it's going to be called SUPERMAN UNCHAINED (and no, Quentin Tarantino has no connection). We can get our hands on it June 12th-- two days before Man of Steel's release and the same month BATMAN/SUPERMAN will come out! Snyder and Lee spoke with USA Today about the title.

"I know conceptually why he admires Lois Lane, but then when you're writing them and you feel the chemistry between them and it comes to life on the page, it's always these little bursts of surprises that have been a joy to discover with him," Snyder says.
"The energy we're bringing to the story and that 'Hey, we can add new stuff to the canon' kind of attitude will serve us well," Lee says.
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It looks like we'll get a deeper Clark and Lois connection... but will they actually get together, and what would that mean for Superman's relationship with Wonder Woman over in Geoff Johns' book?

Talk about an amazing 75th anniversary for Kal-El! Man of Steel looks great and now there's two new titles by astonishing teams. So, is this a clear "must buy" for you, Viners?

Source: USA Today