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New Creative Team for THE FLASH Announced plus the Return of Wally West!

Robert Venditti, Van Jensen and Brett Booth are answering many fans' wishes.

Ever since Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul announced they were leaving THE FLASH and moving on to DETECTIVE COMICS, we've been wondering who the new creative team would be. Christos Gage took on one issue and Buccellato will be returning for three.

Today, DC has announced the new creative team of Robert Venditti and Van Jensen with art by Brett Booth starting in April's THE FLASH #30.

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That is all super exciting news in itself. But it actually gets better.

THE FLASH #30 is on sale April 23 but one week later, in THE FLASH ANNUAL #3, we'll see the reintroduction of Wally West into the New 52.


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Source: USA Today


Here's the cover to THE FLASH ANNUAL #3

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