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New BONE Comic by Jeff Smith Coming in July

It's time to celebrate 25 years of publishing by Cartoon Books.

BONE remains one of my all time favorite comics. It may be an all ages book, but that means anyone of any age could and should enjoy it. It's hard to believe it's been 25 years now. If you've never read BONE or are looking for something really great for a new comic reader in your life, you should track down the series. Scholastic has been publishing the separate volumes for some time now.

To celebrate the 25 years, Cartoon Books is releasing a new book with a new story plus other material. Read the details below.

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co·da (ˈkōdə) noun 1. the concluding passage of a piece or movement, typically forming an addition to the basic structure. 2. a concluding event, remark, or section.

25 years after the first black & white issue of the self-published comic book BONE appeared on comic shop shelves, and over a decade since the concluding chapter comes a new (and completely superfluous!) adventure featuring the Bone cousins! Ride along with the boys and their friend Bartleby the Baby Rat Creature as they brave the dangerous journey across the desert back to Boneville in their rickety cow cart. Written and drawn by creator Jeff Smith.

Also included in this new graphic novel is the complete text of The BONE Companion fully illustrated for the first time! Written by award winning comics historian Stephen Weiner, author of 101 Outstanding Graphic Novels, Faster than a Speeding Bullet: The Rise of the Graphic Novel, The Hellboy Companion, and The Will Eisner Companion.

All this plus rare behind the scenes photos & memories (find out what band Jeff listened to most while working; hint: there’s a hidden clue on the image above!), and an afterword by the author thanking the comics community and the readers, all add up to make this a truly special commemorative volume of BONE to add to your collection!