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New Batman: Arkham Game to Release This Year

Get ready to once again demolish dozens of enemies as Batman!

Don't you just love the smell of good news in the morning? The oh-so-awesome Arkham franchise will allegedly have its third game come out this year!

Time Warner management recently held a conference call, and the company's CFO, John K Martin, briefly mentioned the next Dark Knight game.

And we also have a strong games release this year, which will include the next release in the Batman Arkham franchise. So all in all, we expect Warners to post another very strong year in 2013. And with a little luck, the year should be as good or maybe even a little bit better than 2012.

Now, the only real issue is whether Rocksteady will be behind the game. They've done a stellar job with the first two, however, they've previously told IGN their next project will be "something a bit different."

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Does this mean the developer is leaving the franchise and going off in an entirely different direction... or does it perhaps mean the next Batman game will dive deeper into the DC universe -- including a wider assortment of playable characters and locations? There was that rumor about the Justice League being in it and the game possibly being a prequel...

Viners, what villain would you like to see steal the spotlight this time around? Well get more details in due time, but for now, this is definitely exciting news.

Source: IGN, Yahoo! Finance

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Posted By John Valentine

I'm excited, but I really, really hope Rocksteady are working on this.

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Posted By dtschemmel

Black Adam.

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Posted By The_Grey_Queen

Dammit, i got the arkham city game for P.C and my Laptop couldn't handle it. i want to play it sooooooooo bad, hopfully i'll get a new computer befer this new game comes out. Can't Wait!!!!!!!

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Posted By RedQueen

eeeeeeeee! >> the noise I am currently making.

This is going to be amazing. I just know it is.

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Posted By ComixZone

I'm going back through Arkham Asylum right now for the platinum trophy and the game still amazes me (will be going after the platinum in City after).

Hopefully Rocksteady is at the helm again!

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Posted By RoastedRay
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Posted By Fantasgasmic

@Big_Nasty said:

I want to be able to drive/fly the Bat- mobile and the Bat-wing.


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Posted By JonSmith

@Joelislegend said:

@SupBatz said:

Agreed. I love Asylum and City and definitely don't mind another Batman game coming out but it'd be cool if other heroes could get video games to themselves as well. A solo Superman game would undoubtably be awesome.

This game literally guaranteed there will never be another superman game ever.

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To be fair, that game had great mechanics but failed everywhere else. It was awesome having all the power of Superman at your disposal. Being able to fly at supersonic speeds into orbit, set an entire street on fire with one blast of heat vision, or freeze it with a blast of cold breath, etc, was really cool. It was just when you had to do anything OTHER than destroy the city that it failed horribly.

On topic: All they need to guarantee my purchase is a non-preorder exclusive Damian Batman Costume. If they have this, then I will purchase this game. If they don't, I will purchase this game with slightly less vigor.

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Posted By redbird3rdboywonder

@sora_thekey said:

Am I allowed to be excited for this even thought I haven't played the first two games?

Yes wait WHAT, go play them now... waist no time

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Posted By Mannequin

This has made my morning.

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Posted By redbird3rdboywonder

@TheAcidSkull said:


@Icarusflies said:


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Posted By lilben42

@ThomasElliot: That would be cool. But I'm sure they mean little cameos.

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Posted By StMichalofWilson
Batman approves
Batman approves
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Posted By jtwolf


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Posted By Bestostero


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Posted By ectoborge

Hush please

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Posted By ULTRAstarkiller

Yes I hope whoever takes it over doesn't ruin it like 343i did Halo 4

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Posted By leokearon

Great news just as great a Titan class Metroplex

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Posted By InnerVenom123

I don't want a f**king prequel.

I want a sequel to Arkham City.

I want to find out how Batman deals with what just happened.

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Posted By JamDamage

@John Valentine: they're not????

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Posted By Samimista

@InnerVenom123 said:

I don't want a f**king prequel.

I want a sequel to Arkham City.

I want to find out how Batman deals with what just happened.

Lol! I was also hoping for a sequel. Though I'll be alright with this. xD Think a sequel would of been more exciting though.

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Posted By Whodid

@bladewolf: Back in 2011 after he announced his retirement Mark Hamill said he would voice Joker again for a really good looking project, but not anything else. Another Arkham game maybe what he calls a good looking project.

For the full article on Mark Hamill not entirely done with Joker go here (Below is an extract)

"But another message made it clear that he would definitely return to voicing the Clown Prince Of Crime, given the right project. In response to a fan wondering if Hamill would return to the Joker if he could do it in an adaptation of the classic Alan Moore/Brian Bolland graphic novel The Killing Joke, the actor responded: "I'd come back for THAT! Spread the word!"

So we know that he would do it for the killing joke according to Hamill himself, he may return for Arkham as well.

Either way another Arkham game, words cannot express the joy I feel for that news.

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Posted By JamDamage

I don't want a prequel with the Justice League. I want what we all wanted from the the last game. More playable missions from the other Batman charaters. Being able to patrol the city using Robin and Nightwing, not just the unlocked preadator and fight missions. I wouldn't mind going back to Arkham Asylum either. Conjoin the 2 games as playable boards, or just expand the City. I want a Batman game, not a Justice League game. The last game was great, and I still go back and play it from time to time. Being able to change the skins was a lot of fun, and just wondering Arkham City taking out badguys is still fun as well.

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Posted By Fuchsia_Nightingale


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Posted By Mistah_B

I'd like to see Arkham 3 pick up where AC left off, and I'd like 2 see Two Face as the main villain, or Two Face/Riddler team up, more Azrael, a "Hunt For Killer Croc" side quest. Batgirl DLC, I'd like to play as Harley Quinn, I'd like for Damien Wayne to be the Robin that's featured. and of course the whole of Gotham

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Posted By jwalser3

Hey, why not work on a freaking Superman game, or a Flash game, or even a damn Wonder Woman game. Do you really need another Batman game???

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Posted By akbogert

This is tentatively awesome news...well, actually, the tentative part would have existed no matter when the game was announced (though I find it odd that this was how they chose to officially confirm it).

It is very difficult to pull off a stellar second sequel to anything (or third game, for those who want to say it'll be a prequel). But if Rocksteady is onboard, I have reason to believe it will be good.

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Posted By n25philly

@Cafeterialoca said:

I don't know, when a game is announced as coming out the same year before a trailer is released, I think that's a sign they're rushing it.

@LeaderVladimir said:


When did he ever leave?

Odds are it's been in development since Arkham City was released.

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Posted By PunyParker


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Posted By SavageDragon

This made my day.

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Posted By akbogert

@Falconer said:

Sooooo many question beyond just what the game is and who will make it. Is this calendar 2013, or fiscal (ie March 2014)? There's no way it's coming out any sooner than the holidays, so what consoles will it be on?

WB would be stupid to not put this out in the launch window for the new consoles, right? They're guaranteed that the vast majority of early adopters will get it.

But then how is this game being developed? Current consoles are stuck with Unreal Engine 3.x, while the new consoles will be capable of so much more. UE3 with some extra horsepower looks fine, but compared to UE4 it would look dated. Is there a way for developers to take UE3 games and upscale them in a relatively short amount of time in UE4?

These are all very valid questions.

@Mistah_B said:

I'd like to see Arkham 3 pick up where AC left off, and I'd like 2 see Two Face as the main villain, or Two Face/Riddler team up, more Azrael, a "Hunt For Killer Croc" side quest. Batgirl DLC, I'd like to play as Harley Quinn, I'd like for Damien Wayne to be the Robin that's featured. and of course the whole of Gotham

There are no things in what you just said with which I disagree.

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Posted By Sideslash

You have my attention sirs.

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Posted By LoganRogue24

i hope catwoman is in the game again as playable i would love to play as harley quinn to.

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Posted By Ardor

I REALLY want to see Red Hood and make him along with Robin and Nightwing playable to the story arc. Not just a replacement for Batman but have an actual contribution to the story.

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Posted By Arkhamc1tizen

bring it on.

yes, yes ,yes , yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but seriously i'm really looking forward to this

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if they did add justice league this would happen

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Posted By Nightw BR

That would work to. I'd like to see more of him as Nightwing to, but there aren't any video games I know of other than that not so great Teen Titans game, where Dick is Robin, as long as Dick is in the game I don't care if he is Robin or Nightwing. I hope he is voiced by Loren Lester, Yuri Lowenthal, Neil Patrick Harris or Jesse McCartney. I heard Yuri is doing his voice for Injustice I think he'll do a fabulous job, especially since he was great as Tempest, & Icicle Jr. in Young Justice. I could say he is good as Lagoon Boy, but I really despise that character.

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Posted By sora_thekey

@redbird3rdboywonder: No video game consoles!!!!

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Posted By Necrotic_Lycanthrope

The first two are sweet, but if they go the Justice League route, I'll never forgive Rocksteady. Arkham is supposed to be it's own universe within a bigger universe; bringing in the heavy hitters will destroy the emotions brought in by the previous games.

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Posted By redbird3rdboywonder

@sora_thekey said:

@redbird3rdboywonder: No video game consoles!!!!

Bad Sora!!!!!!

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Posted By Bobsjonjon

Yes please keep this game all in the Bat family..and adding Red hood would be nice.

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Posted By The_Lunact_And_Manic

Another game of the year coming, sorry GTA V, Saints Row 4 and Castlevania: LoS 2.

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Posted By davidearlhutchinson

RED HOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted By Mediumflyer7

Another website said the latest rumour is Batman: Arkham Origins

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Posted By SUPER-MAN 23

This new game will probably be on the PS4 since the new system will be announced this month Feb 20th!

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Posted By Humanoid

Wally West Flash puzzle game. Gotta adjust your speed to solve puzzles, as well as solve murder mysteries or whatever.

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Posted By Grey56

Thank Golly. Just please no Silver Age stuff. There is so much story they can play with - just keep it in line with the previous two. Also, @Mr_riddler said:

It's too soon.

Please be quiet. Or don't buy it. At the very least, try not to ruin the excitement of literally EVERYONE else in the universe because it is offensive to your chronological needs. You buy comics every month - but you're worried about the game coming out too soon? Really? Please don't try to tell that it's a result of it being through a different medium either - everyone else watches the movies, reads the books and plays the games with nary a problem from multiple forms of media.

Lastly,@TheAcidSkull said:


What this man said.

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Posted By Ninjablade09

Can't wait this is awesome. I really cant wait to see what happens in this where they take it. I hope you can play as Nightwing & Robin in the main story like you could with Catwoman.

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Posted By Cafeterialoca

@n25philly said:

@Cafeterialoca said:

I don't know, when a game is announced as coming out the same year before a trailer is released, I think that's a sign they're rushing it.

@LeaderVladimir said:


When did he ever leave?

Odds are it's been in development since Arkham City was released.

We should have gotten a trailer by then, right?

Just saying, a good game needs to be known a year in advance.

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Posted By ravisher

batman looks high

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Posted By kid Apollo

id like to see it be Batman: Gotham City. make it the whole city and go with thte Azazel story line they hinted at in AC. you could have Croc, Riddler, Scarecrow, Penguin, Clayface, Deadshot, Bane, Two-face, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy return for rematches, then have Azazel, Hush, Blazk Mask, Firefly, Man-bat, Pantasm, Tweedles Dee and Dum, Ventriloquist + Scarface and Red Hood show up to the party as well. id like it if Nightwing, and Robin (tim) show up to help out, maybe see the batcave and the mansion. and lets hope they do the alternate costumes a littel better, i was fine with the way they looked but i think they could have been better suits all together, i dont care about 10 random costumes, but like the DKR, Beyond, Adam West, ones we know and love, maybe even an owlman alternate