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Netflix Confirms When 'Jessica Jones' Will Air and Future 'Defenders' Event

No official release date announced yet, but it's for sure coming by December

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Today started the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour for Netflix and there's tons of news about what is coming down the line for the company that changed the way people watch content. The thing comic fans want to know about is what's going on with the Marvel series. There still isn't a launch date for Jessica Jones or any news of the other continuing series. Variety reported on the event and learned that Jessica Jones will debut in 2015. Unfortunately, no exact date was given, so like most fans have been assuming, they may not get the next Marvel show until December.

In addition, Netflix briefly discussed what else is going on with their Marvel series. Reporter Laura Prudom was there and tweeted out that "Ideally "every six months, you’ll get a new season or series from #TheDefenders group... Once all four Marvel Netflix shows have been launched, they'll cross over for Defenders, but "some will selectively have multiple seasons." Based on that, it sees like fans won't get their Defenders mini-series until 2017, but the fact Netflix is pushing out two Marvel shows seasons out a year is pretty exciting.

Jessica Jones is next on the list, and that show will hit Netflix before the end of the year.

[UPDATE] News is coming out that Punisher could get his own stand-alone series now. Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos revealed “Some [shows] will selectively have multiple seasons as they come out of the gate."

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When Hitflix asked if a stand-alone Punisher show could be one of the future titles, Sarandos replied "Yes, anything is possible." Punisher would fit incredibly well into the world that Daredevil set up in its first season and a stand-alone season, on top of being a major player in season two, sounds pretty fantastic.
Back in June, it was announced Jon Bernthal would be playing Frank Castle in season two of Daredevil, and on top of that, a chunk of the season will have the vigilantes squaring-off against one another.

Would you like to see a stand-alone Punisher season?