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Neil Gaiman To Write Doctor Who Episiode

Is it my birthday?

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According to CBC News, super-amazing-writer Neil Gaiman has hooked up with the BBC to do something super epic:

 Neil Gaiman has confirmed rumours that he will pen an episode for a forthcoming season of the iconic British series... He revealed that his episode — originally titled "The House of Nothing," but since changed — will air in approximately 14 months.

Mr. Gaiman's upcoming episode won't actually appear until the second season of Matt Smith's stint so don't get too excited yet. The new season of Doctor Who will air on BBC in March, featuring many episodes written by my favorite current Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat, who wrote the 3rd season's episode "Blink."
This official 5th season kicks off soon with a great writing staff, and then we see one of the, in my opinion, best comic book writers of all time taking an episode in the 6th season.
If you're not excited about this, check your pulse. Who else can barely contain themselves?
    ~ Mat Elfring (InferiorEgo) is a comedian, teacher, comic store employee, comic book writer, and the War Chief. Yes, I love Doctor Who enough to make really obscure references.  ~