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Neil Gaiman Clues Us Into What SANDMAN Mini Will Be About

The creator briefly discusses the upcoming project and his nervousness about his return to the character.

You might recall that back in July DC announced that heralded writer Neil Gaiman would be making his return to The SANDMAN in a 5-issue miniseries illustrated by J.H. Williams III (BATWOMAN) to commemorate The SANDMAN's 25 year anniversary. The news was huge. First off, Gaiman's return to comics is big enough news in itself, but his return to a classic character that once acted as a springboard for his career? That is definitely something worth writing about.

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Although we were told that the creator would return to tell Morpheus' story, we weren't given a whole lot else to go on. Aside from being a prequel to the original story, what would this Sandman series be about? Will we see characters from that first series in this one? How long would the story be? Now, we have a few more answers. In an interview with MTV, Gaiman revealed that he would be

I'm writing a five-issue mini series series set before issue #1. I'm loving it but it's really terrifying. This is the story of him going out and fighting in this very peculiar war in this distant galaxy far away where dreams are starting to melt down. The incarnation Dream…of that part of the galaxy has basically been destroyed and he is having to fill in.

Although that doesn't answer the question of whether the characters we saw in the first volume of SANDMAN will return in this 5-issue series, it does sort of give us a premise and some small clues to go on. In his return to SANDMAN, Gaiman is giving us an origin story for the character that will involve war, fighting and the beginning. If you have ever felt like the story of Morpheus was unfinished, then this may be exactly what you have been yearning for. What do you think of the premise? Are you looking forward to the release of Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN 5-issue series which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2013?

Source: MTV