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Nathan Fillion Joins Justice League: Doom, The New DC Animated Movie

It's a reunion of the Justice League cartoon's cast and the last script by the late Dwayne McDuffie.

I take many opportunities here to express my fondness for that volume of JUSTICE LEAGUE that was titled JLA and one of my favorite story arcs from its era was definitely “Tower of Babal.” Mark Waid and Howard Porter put together one ripping good yarn about the League facing Batman’s regular foe, Ra’s al-Ghul, after he'd just gotten his ever-so-manipulative hands on a “contingency plan” Bats had worked out detailing Leaguers’ weaknesses and strategies to take them down if they ever went rogue.

This GL's going to sound like he should be the captain of some space ship.
This GL's going to sound like he should be the captain of some space ship.

So it pleases me to know that this latest feature from DC Animated, JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM, is inspired by that arc - - even if it seems like it’ll be a rather loose adaptation. Al-Ghul’s been replaced by a new version of the Legion of Doom and , from the sound of it, the crazier elements of the arc like the virus that makes the whole world talk in gibberish won't be included, either. The line-up’s also been changed to better resemble the New 52, so J’onn J’onzz is wearing a more-concealing outfit and Hal Jordan and Cyborg have respectively replaced Kyle Rayner and Aquaman.

Actually, it’s the roster that’s the crux of this announcement...

== TEASER ==
Sound familiar?
Sound familiar?

Nathan Fillion’s back as Hal, Bumper Robinson’s playing Cyborg and the rest of League's voiced by the same actors behind the JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoon (making this something of a reunion show.) The cast shakes out like this....

And then for those scoundrels in the Legion of Doom…

Notably, this was the last DC Animated script Dwayne McDuffie wrote before his untimely passing. No release date is set yet, but its trailer will premiere at the Warner Home Video’s panel at NYCC.