WonderCon 13: Mystery Art Challenge - Hulk and a...?

Check out the incredible drawings by Peter Nguyen, Ray-Anthony Height, Joel Gomez, Brian Buccellato and Todd Nauck.

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Mystery Art Challenge - Hulk and a...?

Check out the incredible drawings by Peter Nguyen, Ray-Anthony Height, Joel Gomez, Brian Buccellato and Todd Nauck.

At most comic conventions Comic Vine attends, we usually conduct the Mystery Art Challenge. For those that don't know, this involves comic book artist accepting a drawing challenge that will be filmed. Each challenge involves a common comic book character along with a random object.

While the artists do agree to partake in the challenge, they have no idea what it will involve. When you see them introduced and given the challenge, that is the first time they hear the details and they get seconds to come up with their own interpretation.

Because WonderCon 2013 took place during Easter weekend, there had to be an Easter theme. Because Hulk hasn't been used so far, he seemed to be the perfect candidate to go along with an Easter egg.

Hopefully you enjoy seeing what Peter Nguyen, Ray-Anthony Height, Joel Gomez, Brian Buccellato and Todd Nauck came up with. If it wasn't for these guys, we wouldn't have videos like this. Make sure you support what they're working on.

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Posted By Raw_Material

Nicee, back for more Art Challenges!

My top 3 are:

  1. Ray-Anthony Height
  2. Brain Bucellato
  3. Todd Nauck

Honorable Mention(s):

Peter Nyugen

Joel Gomez

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Edited By notorious_g3

Great video, Tony! Never stop doing these!

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Posted By RedR0bin

All the art is amazing. This made me go back and watch older art challenges and I noticed that Gomez like to draw people busting out of things lol.

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Posted By JayDubya
@g_man said:

@jaydubya: I use a monopod. It'd be a little hard to flip the cameral upside down. I'd probably smack someone with the monopod.

I like the fact that you're more a practical effects guy, but there's something like post-processing. Will save people from bloody noses and black eyes.

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Ray Anthony Height's made me laugh the hardest. To him goes the victory I say!

Avatar image for crazyscarecrow
Edited By CrazyScarecrow

@mucklefluga: As a aspiring comic artist I can tell you for my own characters usually a minute or two. For other characters such as Superman or Batman about 6 to 8 minutes. Then again every artist is different so time my vary.

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Posted By glfmntn

These videos are always cool to see. All the guys are crazy talented. I always like seeing Brian doing his coloring.

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Posted By tim_mik
Avatar image for GrimoireMyst
Posted By GrimoireMyst

This was a great video. Thanks

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Edited By gumflabica

hooray! easter hulk dubstep!

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Posted By The_Vein

The best Comic Vine content there is.

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Edited By DonFelipe

Another round of mystery art challenge. Love it! One of the best things on CV. This time my favorite is RAH and his Hulk with bunny ears - nice idea and interesting perspective.

Avatar image for lifeboy
Posted By lifeboy

I like that a lot of the artist used color on there pics. So that's what brain b looks like. I didn't know he could draw also. Cool techno while he was drawing. Joel had the one I liked the most but haieght also had a good imagination. I was really distrackted by that booster gold babe walking behind joel. Where is that money hungry mahmod astar? He probably would not do it because he would have had to have done it for free.

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Posted By SpitfireINK

Ray-Anthony Height = for the Win!

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Edited By gmanfromheck

@jaydubya: I use a monopod. It'd be a little hard to flip the cameral upside down. I'd probably smack someone with the monopod. But this is the perspective you get standing on the other side of their tables at cons. Sometimes going behind them is an option but seems better to keep it all consistent.

Avatar image for jaydubya
Posted By JayDubya

Why not flip the image 180 degrees when they're drawing to get the right perspective?

I tend to hold my iPad upside down when watching the video.

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Posted By Overlander

Todd Nauck FTW!

Avatar image for mezmero
Posted By Mezmero

These are always awesome and depressing at the same time. I could never imagine being able to draw so well.

Avatar image for cbishop
Edited By cbishop

I'm always amazed when some of the artists come up with very similar pictures - like in this one, two artists did the Hulk busting out of an Easter egg. That's just kind of cool.

Avatar image for gmanfromheck
Edited By gmanfromheck

@ejalife: I always post the scans in the weekend's Awesome Art Picks article. So you'll see them this Saturday. I also add them to the artists' gallery but just in the regular art section. If you do a video search for 'Mystery Art Challenge,' you should be able to find the others. Or look through the "Events" videos on the video page.

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Edited By shatterstar

Amazing watching these guys work.

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Posted By ArtisticNeedham

@g_man Hey G-Man, remember when I told you at WonderCon that I couldn't find any artists at the WonderCon I wanted to get commissions from? I was wrong. Man, wish I had seen this video first. Or spent more time looking around the artist alley. Darn it.

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Edited By ejalife

Is there a gallery/ies with the drawings from each mystery art challenge? If not, there should be one

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Posted By -The Renegade-

Man I love these videos

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Posted By NICKXH

What's up with the dubstep?

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Posted By CosmicCommonSense

hulk and a xanax

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Posted By Mandrewgora

ohh my most favorite content.

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Edited By papad1992

LOVE Todd Nauck and Ray Anthony Height's sketches!!

Avatar image for gmanfromheck
Edited By gmanfromheck

@mucklefluga: It varies. Anywhere from 5-20 minutes. These probably where closer to 10 or under.

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Edited By JimboMCMXC

Loving Todd Naucks. Awesome idea guys!

Avatar image for ganthetsward20
Edited By Ganthetsward20

SO freaking awesome!

Avatar image for redk
Posted By RedK

very cool, i like seeing the variation of styles on the art challenges

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Edited By hyenascar

Well done, and fun. mmmmmmmmmmmmm, eggs.

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Edited By CitizenJP

Haha this was a really good one. I liked Ray-Anthony Height's picture the most.

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Edited By Mucklefluga

Yeesssss my favourite type of video from Comic Vine !!!

How long does it roughly take for the artist to draw a sketch?