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Mortal Kombat Vs DC, Fatalities for Heroes?

There's been a lot of talk over this game.  I grew tired of the Mortal Kombat formula some time ago.  This bizarro concept has done what it intended.  I am now actually interested and even thinking about buying a Mortal Kombat game now.

The biggest complaint I've seen is that it's going to be watered down.

Another is that "heroes" don't perform "fatalities."  That is correct.  As cool as it would be, Superman will never tear someone's spine out of their body.  Instead, the heroes will have moves called "Brutalities."  They are described as a "very intense finishing move." 

Jimmy Palmiotti also said that there will "one or two characters the fans are not going to see coming."  There's also a "big bad guy" that hasn't been revealed.  My gamer-geekiness is being re-born.

Check out the Joker's finishing move: