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More VADER DOWN Retailer Variants Revealed

Get an exclusive look at some of the retailer variants by Gabriele Dell'Otto, Siya Oum, Terry Dodson, and Katie Cook.

You've probably heard the rumblings over the upcoming crossover in the STAR WARS comics, VADER DOWN. It's a six-part crossover starting in November. Marvel has been releasing different retailer exclusive variant covers by some of today's hot artists. They've given us the first look at a few more.

Gabriele Dell’Otto for Yesteryear Comics

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Siya Oum for Northeast Comic-Con

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This one will be available in color as a Phantom Variant and in b&w at the Northeast Comic Con (

Terry Dodson for the CBLDF

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This variant, by long-time CBLDF supporter Terry Dodson, will be available through comic shops that are Retail Members of the CBLDF. If you want one, make sure your local comic shop is a Member of the Fund- the Retail Member drive is happening now.

Katie Cook for Mile High Comics

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Let us know what you think of these covers.