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More Powers Season 2 Character Posters Revealed [Exclusive]

Take a look at artist and co-creator Michael Avon Oeming's take on the actors playing Calista, Zora, Sgt. Martinez, and more.

The Powers Season 2 premiere is getting closer. The show returns to the PlayStation Network on May 31 and focuses on two homicide detectives in a special division investigating people with superhuman abilities.

Last week, Sony gave us (and GameSpot) an exclusive look at Oeming's take on some of the actors portraying the characters from the comic. This week we have three more exclusive animated posters. Oeming also shared some insight in the process of creating the posters.

Calista is played by Olesya Rulin.

"Olesya Rulin looks a lot like the character, so that helps make her the easiest to draw, and I love how our costume designer Shawna Trpcic made her outfit true to the comic but more realistic to the world."

Zora is played by Logan Browning. In the first season, she was the new Power sensation who admired Christian Walker.

Sgt. Martinez is played by Raul Casso. Oeming talked about trying to draw someone he hadn't actually met.

"Sgt. Martinez was more of a challenge as I've not met Raul Casso who plays Martinez, but I've seen the young sensitive Alpha Male character he brings to the show via dailies and rough cuts. He knows how to play his physicality on screen and I hope I caught that in his character. The Sgt. Martinez drawing took the longest because his costume is the most complex--in the close up it's not so tough, but the full body shot [used in the group promotional poster first distributed at Emerald City ComiCon] was a challenge. When you design a costume for a comic it is drawn to be replicated over and over again, but a costume made for the screen can have lots more detail which can be a challenge to replicate on the page. Still, once you break all that detail down to its shape and form, it becomes quite natural."

Here's the images from last week.

Detective Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley).

Detective Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward).

SuperShock (Michael Madsen).

Oeming also shared some final thoughts on the entire experience of being involved with the show and the relationship with Sony.

"Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation have embraced Brian Bendis and myself as creators in a way that few other shows have with their creators. We actively work on every episode. Brian works on the show at every step, it has our fingerprints all over the series, especially season 2. Sony/PlayStation has done a great job in balancing the fact that this is a comic without making it a gimmick. So outside of our hardcore audience, viewers get to know the roots of the show without being slammed with comic book images, by doing these dual image promotions it is a great way to show respect to the established fan-base and inform new fans of our roots.

Having a show based on your creations is one thing, but to be enthusiastically involved is another. It's been a great honor having my art included in the promotional materials for the show, and honestly, no higher compliment can come from PlayStation than saying 'We need Mike for this one.'"

At Emerald City Comicon, we talked to creators Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming about how the second season will be bigger and closer to the comics. You can catch Powers Season 2 on the PlayStation Network on May 31.