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More Possible 'Justice League' Movie Plot Details

There's a few new rumors surround the alleged Darkseid story.

It was previously reported that the story 'Crisis on New Genesis' (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 183-185) could serve as the inspiration for Warner Bros. upcoming team-up movie. Now, some new rumors are popping up about the possible plot.


The website Cosmic Book News claims an insider has fed them new information about the cosmic themed story. According to the site, Apokolips and New Genesis are in a different dimension, but there's only a "brief mention" of New Genesis. Batman, being a super genius detective and what have you, will be the one to justify the alternate dimension's existence with M-Theory. And how can they or Darkseid travel back and forth? It seems as though the Mother Box will be used as their cosmic taxi.

I suppose just providing the bare basics of the device (essentially a super computer with teleportation capabilities) would be easy enough for non-comic book fans to swallow. After all, a Mother Box can create a Boom Tube, and that's what they need to move between dimensions. As for the plot itself, I still think they'll need to make some heavy modifications. It's packed with far too many characters and isn't new reader friendly at all. Luckily, these movies tend to be inspired by these stories instead of direct adaptations.

You dare speculate on this film so soon?!
You dare speculate on this film so soon?!

Again, this is technically just a rumor and nothing official has been announced surrounding the film aside from a writer (Will Beal). Since it's still so early when it comes to the film, let's have some fun with this one, Viners. Tell us what your dream Justice League movie would be like. What story would you base it off of and which characters would you include? Sound off below and have fun!

Source: Cosmic Book News

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Posted By StMichalofWilson

@Kal'smahboi said:

Good stuff. I just hope they take their time with this one. Make a good movie, not a quick buck.


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Edited By OutlawRenegade

Why does every rumor make the movie sound less and less like a good idea? I want a film though, so I'll give Warner Brothers some advice.

1 Base your story on a modernized version of DC's The New Frontier. It has the gravitas and plot you need. Add in shades Justice League :Origin and Final Crisis

2 Don't fall into the trap of using/introducing too many characters. People have to care about everyone they see on screen so only use characters that you can develop. Give everyone on the team equal screen time so that they are equally respected and can win over new fans. Everyone else can be saved for sequels or solo films

3 Do every side of film production well. Simple note. Difficult task.

4 Have a diverse cast or else you will lose the minorities to Marvel (who has War Machine, Heimdall, and soon Falcon). You can get a leg up on Marvel by making a minority a founding member

5 Use a cast of actors who won't make your film so expensive that you can't make your money back, but who can carry individual franchises. For Example:

@OutlawRenegade said:

Superman played by Henry Cavill

Man of Steel.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

I won't spend too much time on this one since Henry Cavill has already been cast as the last son of Krypton. I will say that from what we've seen of him in theMan of Steel trailer, he seems to have a grasp on what makes Superman special. He's a natural leader who inspires the confidence of almost everyone around him. He carries hope on his shoulders when there is no hope. Keeping Cavill in the role will help Justice League to make sequel-level profits by bringing in the audience from Man of Steel.

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Batman played by Ryan Gosling

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Christian Bale does not want to do another Batman film, and Joseph Gorden Levitt has already been cast as "Robin" in the Nolanverse. So who's left to take up the cape and cowl? Who better than Ryan Gosling. Widely recognized as a talented actor with the build for a superhero role, Gosling proved that he was suited to play the Dark Knight when he starred in Drive. In the lead role, he showed us his ability to embody Batman's coldness, gravitas, seriousness, and badassery. Batman may not always be the most popular person among his teammates, but he commands respect and loyalty. On film, Gosling could definitely do that too. Some people may be thrown by Ryan's blonde hair, but he does have the choice to darken it for the role.

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Wonder Woman played by Gemma Arterton

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Wonder Woman's nickname--the Amazon Princess--illustrates the beautiful dichotomy of her character. She's a powerful, strong-willed woman who would never back down from a fight or a challenge, but she's also a lover of peace who would never seek a fight or a conflict. She's simultaneously both the most fierce and most nurturing member of the team.With her powerful abilities and vast , Diana is capable of going toe-to-toe with just about any hero or villain. Gemma Arterton's roles in Hansel and Gretel and Prince of Persia show that she has what it takes to make Wonder Woman work on screen. In Hansel and Gretel, she plays a tough, seasoned witch hunter who isn't afraid to headbutt her enemies at a moment's notice. In Prince of Persia, she not only showed that she can play regal well, she also did some badass stunts. Oh, and she has a pretty sexy British accent ( accent for foreign cultures and fantasy films in Hollywood), and she can do humor! She's pretty much perfect. She can look more or less Mediterranean with the right tan--as shown in Prince of Persia if that's a concern of yours. She's willing to shoot on location, she's inexpensive right now, and she has already proven that she can do swords and sandals types of movies.

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Green Lantern played by Chris Pine

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Green Lantern is THE interstellar hero. He was chosen above all others for his courage, his willpower, and his honesty--three vital qualities in a Green Lantern. In many ways, Hal is the most human of the group. He's been irresponsible. He's felt fear. And he's overcome great challenges no matter what set-backs are sent his way. He's always willing to stare death in the face and put his life on the line--something that he does regularly as a test pilot. Not only is he a charming womanizer and light-hearted joker, Hal is also a man's man. He's the guy you want to share drinks with when you go out on a night on the town.

While Ryan Reynolds played the character well in 2011's Green Lantern, the film was a critical flop, and it is not highly regarded by anyone. Justice League is Warner Bros.'s chance to start fresh with the character by recasting him similarly to how Henry Cavill took the Superman role from Brandon Routh and Mark Ruffalo took the Hulk role from Edward Norton. This would be a great way to reboot the character softly so that we can forget about the last film. So who should take the Green Lantern mantle? Look no further than Chris Pine, who played a hero similar to Green Lantern--James Kirk--in 2011's Star Trek.

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Cyborg played by Chadwick Boseman

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Cyborg is the ultimate combination of man and machine, but his creation came from a tragic accident. Victor Stone was a gifted football player who had trouble connecting with his scientist father. While visiting his father's workplace at S.T.A.R. Labs, an experiment went horribly wrong and destroyed much of Vic's body. Desperate to save his son, Vic's father used several experimental and extraterrestrial technologies that turned Vic into Cyborg. Now Vic is plugged into every computer in the world and is a digital and physical tank.

Victor seldom receives the credit he rightfully deserves. He is an everyman--a people’s superhero. Unlike many of the other heroes, Cyborg is a hero that the public is likely to run into on the streets and interact regularly with, whereas some of his team mates stick to the shadows or fly. He’s approachable and passionate, spending his spare time working with disabled children. He's also one of the military's go-to heroes. These attributes make him indispensable to the team, as he provides a vital link between the Justice League and the people they serve. Furthermore, Cyborg is a hero who as personally experienced loss. This loss permeates his being which sometimes leads to him having deeply introspective moments but, overall, this pain gives Victor direction.

The actor who plays Cyborg needs to be able to shift between being superheroic, sweet, and pained. Chadwick Boseman can do those and do them well. He's set to star alongside Harrison Ford in 42, the Jackie Robinson life story, as Jackie Robinson himself. Warner needs to hire this guy soon, because he may be the next Denzel Washington. But right now, he's still pretty affordable for an ensemble cast.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

cue pepole moaning about it being rushed

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Posted By lvenger

@Logan Reilly said:

I think DC's rushing into the Justice League movie. when does Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern 2 come out?

They don't. Not until after the Justice League film in 2015 or 2016. Then the Flash, Wonder Woman and other films will spawn from that. Admittedly they can't follow the Marvel formula but not being able to use that means the JL film will introduce the rest of the League from the get go without proper introduction to these character's backstories.

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Posted By Logan Reilly

I think DC's rushing into the Justice League movie. when does Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern 2 come out?

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Posted By LordRequiem

I'd rather they use someone else besides Darkseid. Like with the Avengers, no one's ever heard of the Chitauri and most non-comic fans wouldn't know Thanos either. So DC don't need to find a villain that's most popular. I think Imperiex or some one of that calibre.

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Posted By Kal'smahboi

Good stuff. I just hope they take their time with this one. Make a good movie, not a quick buck.

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Posted By Icon

Sounds great. Now hire a damn director and let's get going!