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More Live Action Wonder Woman in Action (and with no pants)

The Wonder Woman pilot won't be airing on television but more footage has now become available.

For better or for worse, the Wonder Woman television show is not going to happen. We saw early images and heard portions of the script. A review of the pilot didn't have too many good things to say about it. NBC decided not to give the show a greenlight and so we will not get a weekly dose of live-action Wonder Woman.

Since the pilot has been made, the question is, when will we be able to actually see it for ourselves? There was a few seconds that made it online but it was basically a super short teaser with the logo. But now, we get just over a half second of Wonder Woman in action...and she's not wearing pants!

What do you think? Could the show have worked? Wouldn't it have been a better idea to try to tweak whatever problems the pilot had rather than completely give up on it?

== TEASER ==

Not sure if the video will get taken down from youtube. Just in case, here's some screencaps.

Warner Bros. and/or NBC should just make the pilot available on iTunes before it completely leaks out. That way we can watch a high quality version and they can maybe make up for the money they spent on the pilot.


As you can see, Warner Bros. had the thirty second clip pulled. All it had was a bunch of muscle dudes in this warehouse. They're talking about the place being locked down and steel-reinforced. They don't think she'll make it past security. Suddenly the sound of a jet passes overhead. Wonder Woman opens the door and heads towards a chain-link gate. The head muscle dude orders a guy named Chris to lock the gate. Wonder Woman snarls at him and pushes the gate open, sending Chris flying back. That's it.