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More Information On 'The Others' From the Pages of AQUAMAN Revealed

Geoff Johns gives us a look at another character set to appear in AQUAMAN.

Yesterday Geoff Johns took a minute out of his busy schedule to give AQUAMAN readers a peek at a brand new character set to appear in the series' 7th issue. We got a look at the beautiful Kahina, the 13th Seer and today Johns returned give fans another look at yet another character.

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Meet "Prisoner-Of-War," the man who represents all faceless and nameless prisoners of war and fighters of freedom. According to Johns, he and artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado wanted this character to feel like a "faceless victim of war," being the only survivor of his squad.

...His identity is clouded by the mysterious powers he gained after his fellow soldiers were killed. The shackles he wears are golden like Aquaman’s trident, but a source of another power. When we meet Prisoner-Of-War he is a far cry from the man he once was…or will be.

Johns doesn't reveal a whole lot else about the character set to appear in the upcoming issue of AQUAMAN save for the fact that he is shrouded in mystery. What do you think of the character design by Joe Prado and Ivan Reis? Are you looking forward to "The Others" and to seeing how these characters will be connected to Aquaman?

Source: DC Source