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Moon Knight's Best Battles

It's time to sit back and enjoy some of the Fist of Khonshu's best brawls!

Moon Knight's our latest Character of the Month (praise Khonshu!), and, as you all likely know by now, the anti-hero can be a pretty brutal dude. So we thought it would be entertaining to take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on some of Marc Spector's best brawls. Sure, there's countless examples of Moon Knight having awesome fights with goons and other petty criminals, but we're going to focus on his encounters with other heroes and villains.

The guy has been around for decades, so we obviously don't have all of his excellent fights on the list. That means if your personal favorite isn't here, you should share a picture of it and explain why it's so great. Maybe that'll convince others to buy the issue, too. Okay, ready to see a lot of punches? Of course you are!

Moon Knight vs. Werewolf by Night (WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32-33)

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First up is Moon Knight's very first appearance! This two-issue storyline dropped way back in 1975 and was overflowing with action. Marc Spector humiliated Werewolf by Night over the course of two issues and refused to slow down the punishment. But the humiliation didn't stop with the silver-laced punches and stabs. Moon Knight also dished out plenty of insults as he thought his enemy was nothing more than a violent and hairy beast that needed to be captured. Eventually he realized that wasn't the case at all and the two joined forces to defeat the group that hired him in the first place: the Committee. Written by Doug Moench and illustrated by Don Perlin, these are two exciting issues that every Moon Knight fan needs to read at least once.

Moon Knight vs. Taskmaster (2006 MOON KNIGHT #5-6)

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Taskmaster fans, you may want to skip to the next highlight. Everyone else, this fight in writer Charlie Huston and penciler David Finch's story is short yet very memorable. Everyone knows Taskmaster is more skilled than Moon Knight in hand-to-hand combat. There's just no denying that and Taskmaster already whooped Marc earlier in the series. However, Moon Knight realizes he can't beat Taskmaster with his fists alone... he needs to strike fear into him. This fight has a ridiculous and hilarious opening as Moon Knight crash lands his Mooncopter directly into the villain's path. Taskmaster barely avoids being crushed to death, but he soon learns that arrows to the shoulder and chest won't stop Moon Knight. Yes, this isn't the best showing around for the mercenary with photographic reflexes, but it's there to convey one key point: Moon Knight can make anyone fear him.

Moon Knight vs. Punk Ghosts (2014 MOON KNIGHT #3)

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Moon Knight has faced thugs, super-humans, doppelgangers, and more, but in his latest volume, he came face-to-face with ghosts. Thankfully, Marc's diverse collection of artifacts means he has some items that'll help him touch these punks instead of just going right through them. So, he gears up for battle and then artist Declan Shalvey and colorist Jordie Bellaire do a topnotch job dishing out all of the madness. Moon Knight literally punches ghosts apart. How can anyone not get all kinds of jolly over that?

Moon Knight vs. Bushman (2006 MOON KNIGHT #2)

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Watching Moon Knight defeat Bushman in the end of 1980's MOON KNIGHT #1 Is a thrill, but the modern era has really stepped up the fights between these two. The opening story in the 2006 run is supremely dark and this fight proves it. We've seen these two go at it and before, but never quite like this. There's nothing but raw hatred between these two and you can feel it in every savage panel. It's horrific, bloody, and ends on a truly shocking note. This is without question of the most violent and traumatic fights Moon Knight has ever experienced.

Moon Knight vs. Deadpool (VENGEANCE OF MOON KNIGHT #7-8)

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Gregg Hurwitz's Moon Knight run is short-lived but absolutely has some moments that'll linger in your brain. Moon Knight vs. Deadpool is likely one of them. I'll be honest with you, it's a low showing for Wade Wilson. His skill feels downplayed and he's mostly there for laughs, but you know what? It's still a thoroughly entertaining fight, even if the Merc with a Mouth is sold short. Watching these two punch each other through walls is a blast and the conclusion is certainly amusing. Here's hoping these two have a rematch one day. It's not like Marvel isn't open to the idea of more "DEADPOOL VS." titles!

Moon Knight vs. Evil Doppelgangers (MARC SPECTOR: MOON KNIGHT #43)

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This Infinity War crossover is full of greatness for one simple reason: Moon Knight gets to duke it out with the evil doppelgangers of several heroes! We all want to see how our favorite heroes would fare against their peers, right? While this isn't proof he would beat their counter-parts (they have different mindsets in battle and what not), it's still a real treat seeing Moon Knight jump from one combatant to the next. The variety challengers includes twisted versions of the Black Knight, Beast, Darkhawk, Daredevil, and more! It's incredibly fun watching Moon Knight as he finds a way to best each opponent. All in all, it's a very enjoyable skirmish.

Moon Knight vs. Daredevil (1980 MOON KNIGHT #13)

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Hero vs. hero encounters almost always occur because of miscommunication and this is a prime example of that. Moon Knight's stealthily tailing the Jester because he thinks the villain will lead him to a certain someone. However, Daredevil saw the fiend harm a civilian, so he won't just stand around and do nothing about it! The Man Without Fear attempts to approach the bad guy but Moon Knight interferes. Unaware that they're basically on the same side, these two exchange blows and bust into an arcade (younger readers may need to google what an arcade is). The overwhelming amount of loud noises hinders Daredevil's radar and this allows Moon Knight to whack him in the face with a truncheon. Obviously, these two end up joining forces, but the brief melee between these two fan-favorites was exciting while it lasted. You can't help but love seeing what happens when two characters you like decide to fight.

Moon Knight vs. the sniper (2014 MOON KNIGHT #2)

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The second issue of Warren Ellis' MOON KNIGHT is a pretty quick read because of the first half, but the second half is downright stunning. A sniper is taking people out and it's up to Moon Knight to stop the killing. Ellis scripts a stellar fight between these two. I's loaded with jaw-dropping moments and gripping close combat. And, as you can see above, Moon Knight even cuts a bullet in half! To top it off, Shalvey and Bellaire once again prove they're a superb fit for the book and do a brilliant job bringing this whole action scene to life.

Moon Knight vs. Bushman (VENGEANCE OF MOON KNIGHT #6)

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You didn't think Moon Knight would have only one fight with his archenemy on this list, did you? There's some good battles with Bushman in the earlier years, but their fight in the 2010 series is totally crazy. It's a good thing Moon Knight's wearing his spiffy new carbonadium armor, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to walk away from this one. There's bullets hitting him at point blank range, explosions going off right next to him, and of course there's a relentless close quarters fight. It's one big hit after the next in this one and never fails to enthrall.

Moon Knight vs. Black Spectre (1980 MOON KNIGHT #25)

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Moon Knight's villains aren't well-known, but that by no means makes them any less formidable. There's great encounters with characters like Morpheus, Deadzone, Randall Spector, and many more, but Black Spectre made a vicious debut. This new villain embarrassed Moon Knight not once, but twice! The second time he stabbed the anti-hero and left him for dead. But if you know even the basics about Moon Knight, then you know he has an impressive amount of pain tolerance. Spector refused to stay down and, even though he suffered a severe injury, he went right after the imposing villain. Spector made short work of Black Spectre's goons and then tackled the big guy out of a window. They didn't land in anything soft like an open dumpster or a truck full of pillows, though. They went crashing into a spotlight and Black Spectre learned a valuable lesson that day: don't mess with Moon Knight.

Moon Knight vs. Werewolf by Night (2006 MOON KNIGHT #20)

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Moon Knight has some solid fights with Werewolf by Night, but when Mike Deodato Jr. is illustrating, the fight goes to a whole new level. Deodato makes the transformed version of Jack Russel look absolutely frightening and writer Mike Benson provides an engaging script. How can any human take on a threat like that? Benson gives us a look at Spector's thought process and reveals the Fist of Khonshu needs to rely on his instincts and not hold back at all. What follows is an energetic and fierce fight that flows well thanks to the layouts. The fight lasts for about five pages and Benson and Deodato make sure it's an unforgettable encounter.

Moon Knight vs. Bullseye (2006 MOON KNIGHT #25)

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Moon Knight made the mistake of getting on Norman Osborn's naughty list during Dark Reign, so the Spider-Man villain sent the Thunderbolts after him. Spector's brawls with them are entertaining (especially when he owns Swordsman twice!), but the excitement truly ramps up when Bullseye goes on the hunt. Artist Mark Texeira does a terrific job making this extended action scene feel every bit as gritty and cinematic as it should. These two only have a quick close combat experience but it's insanely brutal. What comes next is gripping as Moon Knight attempts to flee from the accurate assassin, but eventually we discover it's all part of a much bigger plan. It's a decent tactical feat for Spector because it shows he's smart enough to avoid someone when he thinks he's outclassed and he knows how to play off of their arrogance, too. Plus, the panel of Moon Knight pummeling Bullseye's face is absurdly cool.

Moon Knight vs. Punisher (MARC SPECTOR: MOON KNIGHT #21)

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Punisher and Marc Spector don't get along. Needless to say, this means they've had their fair share of unpleasant encounters with one another. Back in 1990, the two anti-heroes were forced to team-up (along with Spider-Man) to stop the Secret Empire. However, the duo couldn't hold back the hatred for very long. When they couldn't agree on how to approach a mission, Moon Knight lost his cool and threw the first punch (see above). Spider-Man, being the good person that he is, wanted to break the fight up, but Frenchie stopped him and said these two need to vent, otherwise it's just postponing the inevitable. The unarmed fight only lasts about two pages before Peter Parker pushed them apart, but watching these two go hit for hit is ridiculously fun.

What's your favorite Moon Knight battle, Comic Viners? Let us know by speaking your mind below. Be sure to keep checking the homepage throughout June for even more Spidey articles!