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Moon Knight Strikes Back With A Vengeance

There's a new Moon Knight series coming in September!

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Let me say that I like Moon Knight.  I really do.  I know a lot of people say he's a Batman rip-off.  I never quite saw him that way.  For one, he was a mercenary.  Bruce Wayne isn't.  Moon Knight had a "rich playboy" identity but it was just one of a few he had.  I was overjoyed when Charlie Huston and David Finch brought Moon Knight back.  But then he started getting a little...crazy.  It felt like the momentum of the comic started going down and then we saw the "death" of Marc Spector.
Next month, Moon Knight is back.  What's better is he'll be gunning for Norman Osborn.  Writer Gregg Hurwitz and artist Jerome Opeña are bringing him back to New York in a double sized first issue of Vengeance Of The Moon Knight.  It looks like Moon Knight has added a bunch of high tech weaponry to his arsenal (I'm not too sure how I feel about that).  What we'll have to wait to see is who did he get the weapons and armor from.  We'll also have to see if he's still willing to kill criminals.  
The covers will be by Leinil Francis Yu, Tim Sale and Alex Ross and is on sale on September 2, 2009 with a $3.99 cover price (since it's "extra-sized").
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What do you think?  Are you ready for Moon Knight's return?  Do you care?  What do you think of his new look?  Do you like him using guns and other gadgets?  Will Norman be prepared for him?