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Mike Allred Jumps onto DAREDEVIL in August

How great is this? Too bad it's only one issue.

Everyone's digging Mark Waid's DAREDEVIL these days. Even other creators. Mike Allred, currently finishing up I, ZOMBIE and also known for (my favorite) MADMAN, wrote a 'fan letter' to Marvel. When it was lightly teased that we could possibly see Allred on the title, Daredevil and Allred fans let their voices be heard.

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USA Today announced the details on this fabulous collaboration. Allred will take over for one one issue, #17, this August. Editor Stephen Wacker stated that this issue will be part of the "ongoing Daredevil soap opera" but will also stand on its own.

Waid and Allred are both ecstatic to be working with each other for this issue. Wacker also said that Allred will be drawing lots of Daredevil in the issue along with the rest of the characters.

Look, I've got Mike for 20 pages — I want to see him draw as much of our cast as possible.

It may be only one issue but adding Allred to other great artists such as Paolo Rivera, Chris Samnee and Marcos Martin is making this the best looking (and well-written) volume of Daredevil we've ever seen.