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Meet The Fever--The Ladies of CURB STOMP

There's a new comic coming out this week. Find out who the main characters are.

When you hear the phrase "curb stomp," you can't help but cringe a little inside just thinking about it. Boom Studios! is releasing a series with that name, CURB STOMP, so you know it has something to live up to. This is a world where Punk isn't dead, turf wars are a reality, and violence is just an everyday part of life. What makes this a little different from other stories with these themes is the cast.

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With different gangs, this series focuses on The Fever, a gang consisting of five women that will defend their turf with their lives. They also have really great names.

Who are these ladies? Writer Ryan Ferrier gave us his take on each so you can get to know who they are before the first issue lands on comic store shelves this Wednesday.

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NAME: Machete Betty

RANK: Queen Bee

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Boots, a steel baton, and one big, bad, bloody blade

FAVORITE COLOR: Warm crimson on asphalt

As the leader of The Fever, Betty must balance raising her little sister Sweet Pea along with protecting the borough of Old Beach. Always ready to defend, Betty would give her life to keep everything she cares about safe; for The Fever, that's a full-time job…and possibly a death sentence.

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NAME: Violet Volt

RANK: Sergeant-at-arms, Powder Keg

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Words sharper than knives, bright red lipstick on a baseball bat, and twin tasers down your throat.

FAVORITE BAND: Black Flag and Britney

An atomic bomb just waiting to go off, the smallest member of The Fever is also the deadliest. With Violet, you'll either die laughing, or you'll just die. Even her sisters in The Fever never know what to expect from this punk rock singing, jaw crushing, ear-shattering firecracker.

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NAME: Daisy Chain

RANK: Founder, Heart-stopper

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Cold metal chains longer than your lifespan.


The lifeblood of The Fever, Daisy is as formidable with her fists as she is with her love for those close to her. Acting as somewhat of a guardian for her sisters, Daisy holds an immeasurable amount of responsibility, though never wavers or questions their role as Old Beach's resident protectors. Don't mistake her kindness for weakness—she will take your last breath without thinking twice, should you cross her; that fiery red hair draping over your cheek as your eyes roll back dead.

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NAME: Derby Girl

RANK: Scout, Demolitions, Widow maker

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Anything she can hold in one hand and on eight wheels—odds are it's entering your face

FAVORITE MOVIE: Death Race 2000

If there's a job that sounds too insane, Derby will do it on her worst day. Like Violet, she's borderline uncontrollable, and that's just how The Fever like her. She's a molotov cocktail with a smile, just waiting on a spark. Though she cannot outrun even her own personal demons, Derby is the personification of hell on wheels.

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NAME: Bloody Mary

RANK: Enforcer, Death, Destroyer of Worlds

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Double brass knuckles—the last thing you'll ever see with your corneas intact

FAVORITE DRINK: Your fresh tears

Mary is the scarier version of the shark from Jaws, but with killer bangs. When she's not caring for her ailing mother, Mary can be found punching men in the face with great disregard for their feelings, or tending to Fu Bar, the official-unofficial Fever headquarters. Unlike her Fever sisters, Mary feels at odds with the life that Old Beach offers her, only fueling her rage and desire for change that much more.

Be sure to look for CURB STOMP #1 from Boom! Studios Wednesday, February 25.