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May 2014 Character of the Month: Spider-Man

It's time to celebrate Spider-Man! Just don't let J. Jonah Jameson know about it because he'll ruin the fun.

This was a massive week for Spider-Man. Firstly, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN is no more and Peter Parker is finally back in control of his life in an all-new volume of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (check out our review of the debut issue here). Secondly, the hero's latest movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, opened here in the United States (you can read our review here). On top of that, we created the first poll for our new 'Character of the Month' segment and Spidey had to trouble webbing up the competition.

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So, what does this mean for the web-slinger? First and foremost, we encourage you -- yes, you -- to celebrate Spider-Man in the forums. From making battles with him to trivia threads and games, you should give the webhead some extra love in the community discussions. On top of that, we'll start pumping out some articles about the iconic character next week. The 'Question of the Week' will be geared towards him and, on Friday, we'll post 'Spider-Man's Best Battles.' Eventually, we'll also share 'Spider-Man's Best Covers' and a whole lot more. Spidey's been through some rough times over the decades, so he definitely deserves the love. Be sure to keep an eye on the homepage this month for plenty of Spider-Man goodness!

In case you're wondering about the voting, we've posted the results below (528 Viners voted). Wolverine fans, what happened?!

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Let's kick off the celebration right now. Go ahead and share with us your favorite panel of Spider-Man below and tell us why it's special to you. Commence the Spider-Man praise!