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Matt Smith Wants to be a Bond Villain

Doctor Who to become Doctor No... Jr?

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The Coventry Telegraph recently reported, that in an interview with Matt Smith, the current star of Doctor Who, Matt said he would like to play a Bond villain in the next Daniel Craig 007 film. 
Smith, who plays a very quirky and bizarre version of the Doctor, thinks his looks and acting style could really play off on the big screen. However, he doesn't think he's handsome enough to take on the role of Bond himself, but he thinks he'd make a good, but younger, Bond villain. He said he's never gotten away with playing an attractive leading man, but he's good at playing more odd characters.
Most of us have only seen Matt Smith as the Doctor, who is essentially a good guy, when it boils down to it. Could Matt Smith pull off playing a bad guy? If he could, he'd certainly be a charismatic villain and very memorable. 
There is no set deals or anything real here. It's just another case of a celebrity saying they want to play a character, so chances of us seeing Matt Smith as a Bond villain is slim-to-nil, but more likely nil. What do you guys think? Would Matt Smith make a good Bond villain?