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Matt Kindt and Geoff Johns to Write Martian Manhunter backups in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA

The writer of MIND MGMT teams ups with Geoff Johns starting in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 2

MTV Geek recently announced that starting in March 2013, in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 2, writer Matt Kindt (MIND MGMT, FRANKENSTEIN AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E.) will be working with Geoff Johns (JUSTICE LEAGUE, GREEN LANTERN) on a new backup featuring Martian Manhunter drawn by Scott Clark.

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According to the interview with Kindt, he got the job because Geoff Johns was a fan of some of his work and wanted to work on something with him. Kindt stated he's going to take Manhunter in a new direction. One that many Martian Manhunter fans have never seen before:

He can change his shape, he has his strength, he has his mind powers. To me, we’re going to see him use those in a way we haven’t really seen him use them before. In a way, he’s going to be the ultimate super-spy. [Laughs] That’s probably another reason Geoff asked me to do it, because he knows I love spies. We came up with a neat way of using Martian Manhunter where he’s using his powers in a tricky way.

Kindt plans on using these backups to take a look at Manhunter's strengths, which are mostly physical, and then bringing the focus onto the weaker side of his being, which is mental. Kindt really wants to establish that Manhunter is an extremely powerful force in the DCU, and his power can be scary.

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Sadly, according to Kindt, Chocos may not be returning as Martian Manhunter's favorite treat.

It looks as though Kindt plans on reestablishing Martian Manhunter as a major force in the DCU. While the character has been around this past year, he's not right in the spotlight, like so many other characters. Could this backup elevate the character back into the spotlight where he should be? Do you feel this is going to be a good addition to JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA?

For the full interview with Matt Kindt, check out MTV Geek.

This backup debuts in Justice League of America #2 which will hit stores March 6, 2013.