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MASS EFFECT... the Movie?

The gears are turning for a big screen version of this space opera.

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I haven’t gotten the chance to play any of the MASS EFFECT games, myself, but I’m certainly more than aware of them. Not only is there a seemingly-endless supply of rave reviews floating out there, but any comics fan should be abundantly familiar with game #2 after seemingly every comic was running multiple ads for it a while back. Dark Horse even just wrapped up a MASS EFFECT mini, as I recall. Video games, comics, print advertisements… it’d be reasonable to assume that movies are next, right?

More than reasonable, actually. The Hollywood Reporter… well, reports that a MASS EFFECT movie is in the works and the personnel involved so far should be familiar to all you maniacs. The screenwriter, Mark Prostevich, is writing the THOR movie.   Legendary Pictures, who brought us THE DARK KNIGHT and 300 movie, is getting the whole thing together. And Avi Arad, the man basically responsible for Marvel’s current multi-media renaissance, is one of the producers.
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The funny thing is… the trailer for this game pretty much look like a blockbuster movie, already. Those performance captures look pretty damn near photoreal to me. We’ve had all this talk about multi-media awareness and creative personnel here.... but what about how cool this whole game looks? I’m a big fan of space opera and if I had the time for some gaming, I’d definitely be eager to experience the adventures of heroic elite Commander Shephard and the SSV Normandy starship throughout the galaxy. I’m sure there’s got to be more than a couple of you in the Comic Vine community who've played this. Is it everything they say it is? Would it make it good movie? Fill me in!

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