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Mary Jane's Introduction in INVINCIBLE IRON MAN

Why is MJ going to work for Stark Enterprises?

Back in September comic readers were shocked by the news that Mary Jane Watson would be joining the cast of INVINCIBLE IRON MAN. The cover to issue #4 shows MJ with a Stark employee badge and the speculation began.

As writer Brian Michael Bendis stated, there weren't any plans for Mary Jane to be used in any of the All-New, All-Different Marvel titles. Bendis also mentioned they do know each other from when Spider-Man, Mary Jane, and Aunt May lived in Avengers Tower (but let's not think about how that still happened with One More Day).

When we see Mary Jane, there's no indication of her having any plans to work for Tony Stark.

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Mary Jane has relocated to Chicago and has opened up a new night club. This may seem a little odd since she's spent most of her time in New York. Her reason for opening up a club in Chicago actually makes a lot of sense.

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Her last club in New York City didn't do too well. She poured all she had into it and it ended up getting destroyed. It's that lack of common sense we have to overlook when we see business owners staying in New York City where pretty much all the heroes and villains hang out.

As a result of her club getting trashed, she decided to relocate. We rarely hear of anything happening in places like Chicago so MJ decided that would be a safe place to open a new club.

Of course, we wouldn't have much of a story if she was simply a successful night club owner in a city that rarely sees any superhero action.

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Before she knows it, her club is about to become the center of a big super-powered showdown between Madame Masque, Iron Man, and Doctor Doom. It looks like her time with Peter Parker has resulted in some of that Parker Luck to rub off on her.

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None of this explains the cover with Mary Jane as a Stark employee.

What seems likely is her club is going to suffer from some serious damage. Even if it's minimal and her insurance company can get things repaired quickly, there will still be the tarnish from the word of mouth. "Hey, don't go to Mary Jane's club. You might get killed in the middle of a superhero battle."

That may seem like a bit of a stretch. People tend to forget about negative instances and carry on with their lives. The problem is, this marks the second club Mary Jane's had in two completely different locations that have been under attack. People's superstitions may get the better of them even if she offers to buy everyone a round of drinks.

Tony Stark may feel bad for MJ. He may be impressed with what she's managed to accomplish on her own. Tony Stark isn't in the absolute best place financially. He could use someone with Mary Jane's social and now business skills to give his company a boost. He could easily offer her a job based on her skills and she may see it as a good option. She may have her heart set on establishing her own club but how many times can you witness your hard work and dreams get torn down and demolished in front of your eyes?

It might seem like an odd fit, but sometimes the unexpected can bring good things. Mary Jane simply wasn't be used anywhere. It's unfortunate to say, but there isn't really a place for her in a Spider-Man comic. Mary Jane has evolved as a character over the years. Why would she have to only appear in a Spider-Man related title?

Will Tony Stark try to put the moves on her? One would think so but, again, they do have a history. Tony knows her as Peter's ex. Why wouldn't it be possible for them to just be friends? After dealing with Peter leading a dual life and the dangers that went along with it, it's completely possible the last thing MJ would want is another superhero boyfriend. She can be more than just the girlfriend of a hero. This could be her chance to evolve some more with her character getting fleshed out further.